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Posted on: February 25, 2010

Web design template is a tool that is used to make the contents separate from other presentations in a website and communicate the through it. This is the basic component of a website. A ready-to-use web template supports the website owner to choose any of the design on seeing its preview on the screen. These pre-designed webpages work similar to a form letter in preparing a website.

Web templates can be of two types:

  1. HTML Web Templates
  2. PSD Web Templates
  3. Flash Web Templates

HTML web templates are almost read-to-use and ideal for beginning a website. They are already in HTML format and hold web pages and graphic images. Though these templates are easy to customize but you can customize it completely. You can change only a few images to upload your own images and then add your contents. Only after a few efforts, you can get a complete and professional looking website.

PSD web templates a little complex to start with. It needs some extra website design customization skills. To start your website using PSD web template, you must be knowledgeable of coding web template, slice images into HTML document and customize the navigational menus. These web templates demand little more than basic web design experience.

Flash web design templates are completely designed with flash technology. These web templates are extremely eye-catching; they use animations and moving graphics.

Before you select a web design template to start a website, you must consider your web designing and customization skills. If you are skilled and expert enough to deal with the customizations and coding of PSD, then go with this choice. But if you are a beginner and know less about web designing, HTML templates are best for you. Reason for this choice is that HTML templates are static, load faster on all computer types and effectively simple to operate.

Another consideration while choosing a web template is your requirement. You must analyze which format best supports your demands. If your contents need animation, Flash templates will assist you best.

Whatever is your choice, you can avail those templates in different colors, themes, designs and other features. These templates are easy to download from internet according to your suitability and appropriateness.


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