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How to Use Graphic Images in Web Designing?

Posted on: April 14, 2010

Misuse or overuse of graphic images in web page designing is one of the most common mistakes that web designers often do and this thing frequently spoils the quality of web design project. In new era of technology developers or designers should focus on the point that what we have to offer you rather than designing a web page with good functionality. Graphical images are most important part of web page design process and this thing cannot be omitted from web page designing. It does not mean that you make improper use of images in your web design project.

Look at the instruction given below regarding proper use of graphic images in web page designing or we can say that following is a list of types of images that are acceptable in web page designing:

Logo: Logo designing is most important for both types of graphic designing and marketing of business whether it is off line or online. Logo design of a company’s website can be an image that truly represents business identity, company recognition and visual attraction of clients towards company’s products and services. Logo of website can be designed in the form of pictures as it will look more professional.

Image maps: Image maps are considered as important for website designing as they greatly add client’s interest in designed project and increase downloading capabilities.

Navigation buttons: If navigation buttons are designed in graphical manner they can be more convenient for users to navigate the website rather than text written on these buttons.

Background Graphics: Background graphics or images are considered as backbone of web design as it adds appeal to the website for clients. Sidebar background graphics are often used having other links of the website.

Bullet Points: Important information and key points of design project are often given in the form of bullets and if these bullets are prepared graphically then it can enhance visual appeal of the website.

Divider lines: A single webpage is often divided into different segments like frequently asked questions, categories and recent posts. Graphical effects can be added to these lines or rulers to enhance the visual attraction of website for clients and it also looks very stylish.

Title: Website expresses a particular theme or subject relevant to the business or corporate objectives. Adding clipart or other graphical effects in web page designing can also enhance visual appearance of the website.

Photo Gallery: Photo gallery is often a part of website in which pictures of corporate members are included to give a professional look to the web page of a company.  Use of such type of photos or pictures in the website means to be more personal and inviting the clients. Visitors concern is drawn to the photos of people to have more information about the company.

Web page graphics should be added to serve a function. Make use of images according to instructions given above and make your web page designing functional and looking cool.


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