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Effective Design Principles for Brochures

Posted on: May 26, 2010

Brochures are one of the highly used marketing tools for any business, industry or individuals. They are the best mean to represent the product, services or business details of a company or individual to the customers and clients. Through brochure, the business owners get a chance to get the customers in their good favor. But it greatly depends on the template design chosen for the brochure.

An effective brochure deign is one that communicates your language to the customers and clients as a best representative. It does not mean that you need to spend a lot of your budget on brochure design and development. If you want to design an effective brochure that is favorable to your business, you should consider the following main tips:

1. Decide number of pages and folds

Depending on the business type and complexity, decide an appropriate number of pages or folds for your brochure design. If you want to add more detail of your business, you need more pages or folds. More pages or folds will be of no use if they consist of very short description on each page.

2. Choose quality paper, color scheme and texture

Choose smooth but bright colors with beautiful texture for brochure design. Texture effects add more attraction toward the look and enhance the standard of a design. Along with these, use quality paper that can better bear the color scheme and texture of your brochure design.

3. Choose proper page size and format

There is no fix sizes and formats for brochures. It may vary from one business to another according to its needs. Try to provide single item description per page. Large paper size gives you more space to describe the item with more details according to the chosen format.

4. Include graphics

Choose appropriate images and graphics of item or products described in the brochure. Images make the message easy to be conveyed to customers. Secondly, they enhance the appearance of brochure design. But avoid using too many images on a single page.

5. Write appealing contents

Contents are the most important part of the brochure that speaks the language of standards of a business. Include quality and appealing contents in your brochure. This is the key to motivate the customer in favor of your business. But avoid scattering contents on the page. Make sure that the contents are easily readable and it does not become a puzzle to reader.


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