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Common Mistakes of Web Designers

Posted on: May 31, 2010

Like any other graphic designing fields, web designing also has many trends and Web 2.0 is the latest trend among other designs. Web design can vary depending on different factors that directly belong to the website itself. Web designing basically needs good understanding of the website requirements and dedication toward the design elements. A web design is considered ideal if it fulfills all needs of the visitor by proving them appropriate results in a quick way.

A good web design is that targets objectives set for that site, executes the purpose of that site and free of all type of errors. These errors may include the following:

  1. Bad layout design can never attract a customer, especially if it is a marketing purpose website. Good design is necessary to attract the customers.
  2. If the web holds over crowded pages, visitor will find it difficult to find their desired items or data. They will simply leave the web and go to some other.
  3. Don’t make the web design a puzzle to the visitors by using difficult interface layout. Your layout must be easy and user-friendly for all kind of users.
  4. Avoid using non-standard links on your web pages. If you use different colors, style and font on a single page for hyperlinking; it will make the visitors confused for how they are different from each other.
  5. The use of textured backgrounds makes the page downloading speed slower. Rather than that, use plain colored pages to assure the quick downloading for the user convenience.
  6. It makes the customer frustrated if they don’t find a way to make quick search of topics/items of their interest. Bad search/no search options make the customer leave the page within no time.
  7. Bas font color, size and style makes the website creates legibility problem in reading the text for the customers. Secondly it leaves a bad impact on the overall web design.
  8. Before you handover the web design project to the owner, make sure that all of its functions and application perform appropriately. Leaving untested websites creates a lot of inconsistencies and damages the purpose of site.

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