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Designing is an enormous field that has diverse aspects. Whether it is manual designing or computerized designing, its fundamentals are almost same in all vicinities of designing. We can split designing fields into three forms:

  • Industrial Designing
  • Two Dimension (2D) Designing
  • Fancy Designing

Industrial Designing

Industrial designing is a pretty mess that attempts to make senses of the variety of floating terms. Industrial design is a feature of designing as it can be designed in both styles, manually and graphically. Industrial designing comprises of:

  • Commercial design
  • Mess design
  • Responsible design
  • Experimental design
  • Discursive design
  • Overlap design

1. Commercial Design

Commercial designing is usually considered as product designing. It contains irresistibility of our professional activity. Meaning of commercial designing is to drive concentration towards marketing. Its success depends on economic conditions. Commercial designing is commonly used for products that customers can afford and can generate adequately.

2. Responsible Design

Responsible design comprises of all designs that are commercially responsible. It can also drive all notions of services. Designers attempt to offer useful and enviable products via responsible designing to the market. Responsible designing can have a relation to marketing. Its primary purpose is not to maximize the profits but to serve the backend services.

3. Discursive Design

Fundamental aspire behind the discursive designing is to approach the ideas and concepts about something particular; they hearten dialogues. It is a tool of mind’s eye. It develops consciousness and enhances understanding of substantive. It is also a debatable issue of psychological, sociological and ideological effects. It can not be seen directly at marketplace and at the products. It can be seen often in printing, films, and art and craft exhibitions. These all objectives carry some ideas. It may be consider as art more than designing.

4. Overlap Design

This sort of designing is usually used for presentation of products. For different fields, it is used in diverse version of design. For example, an extra ordinary frame work is based upon the main task of design. This style of design is taking on for multiple aims. Now in graphical designing, most products are the result of overlap design.

5. Experimental Design

Experimental design signifies broad field of design. Its basic target is to explore items, testing and discovery; such as, a technology, manufacturing technique, concept and esthetic issues. Majority is working in MIT and media lab is moderately a component of this designing. Its primary purpose is to explore potentials and also convey awareness of its less regard for the serving market.

Imaginative and technological proficiency allows an individual to offer a full spectrum of website development, custom programming, commerce solutions and vision reality. One can help his website clients who are facing envision and launched web-based solutions. A successful website design has some particular purposes such as comprehensiveness of range, website designing services or marketing of some particular business or organization.

When a company designs website, customers visit it with the aim to gain basic purpose and services of website design that offers support in website development. These website objectives are as follows:

  • A successful website design will focus on the needs of potential clients. In order to keep them visiting the website, also highlight the services that are required by the clients/customers.
  • A website layout should provide easy access for the user. In order to take review the range of various valuable services that are available on the website. This working on the website is performed by the website holder.
  • Design pattern is reusable idea that makes website easy to read and attractive. It is also an important factor that creates difference between two designing website layouts. It makes your website important and different from other one.
  • A website design seeks a proper setup through that an organization can fulfill its clients’ needs, provide them best solution of their critical problems and enable them to make critical decisions. For instance about cost, company reputation, convenience, support and expertise or any other.
  • Website design and development can convey a strong identification in order to promote the organization. It can perform as a leader in the field of website designing. Its layout pattern incorporates best practice in the designing and development. This object emphasize that website is optimized to easy explore and classify factors.

Graphic designing is basically taken as visual problem solving with the help of text and graphical elements. Its aim is to design something special for pleasing eye to attention of the viewer. But it does not mean that graphical items just look cool, they also work well. Term graphic designing can also refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines that focus on visual presentation in form of items.

More over graphical designing define as “graphical designing is the combination of images, words and ideas. It is also an art and profession of visual statement regarding a graphical designer. It is the way to communicate information to the audience. A graphical designer uses different arranged elements to beautify the media items such as posters, packages, websites and graphics software program like adobe illustrator, Photoshop and other designing software.

Generally graphic designing elements include:

  • Photos
  • Contents
  • Shapes
  • Color
  • Texture

Through graphic designing a message can convey in figure forms. It can be communicated in form of business logos, graphics brochure, newsletter, flyers, templates, vouchers, posters, signs, cards, tags, stickers, tickets, advertisement, newspaper and magazine layout, product packages, billboards, book cover design, CD covers, DVD interactivity elements, internet banners, flash animation, web interfaces, PowerPoint presentation etc. Furthermore, barely cracks the surface, ticket stubs, skateboards, matchbooks, train schedules, credit cards and all other countless product items uses graphic designing; all these are called visual communication. Now desktop publishing software is often used to gain the task. How it looks hard to tell which price of each item on the menu but designing has made it possible in easy way.

Tips for Designing

Graphic designing no doubt is very exciting work as a career to move into. If it is done with cutting edge technology, with your own creativity and fun then it will give you the best regard of your labor. If you concentrate on detail, its high notes, have patience, try to create your own item instead of copy and try to solve problems then you can move ahead on your career way.


One of the most difficult designing tasks is to design a professional and successful brochure. By reading this article you will able to get enough information about making your brochure a professional one. We are providing here some useful tips for you that will help you in making your brochure professional one.

  • You should be very careful about your objective. There should be an obvious and clear objective in your mind for which you are going to create your brochure because you know more about your business or subject.
  • Second important point that should be in your mind is that you should think before making your brochure who will be viewing your brochure? There is a need to decide on an audience. Once you decide, you will be able to design your brochure under the light of your audience requirements. You will better understand the individuals that make up your audience.
  • There is a need to maintain a consistent feel throughout your brochure that is being prepared. Combination of one or two background colors and a highlight color permits the user to easily differentiate the important level of the information. You should create a consistent grid for each panel with enough margin space to avoid feeling cluttered. You can also break this grid with important elements but the viewer needs the consistency to read non-standard elements as important.
  • On font face for titles and headings with italics and bold if used carefully increase the viewers comprehension of your brochure. San-serif fonts are more readable at smaller font sizes. In general, spruce your copy before reducing the font sizes and keep font sizes large. For example you can set text size as min 12pt according to on viewer age.
  • You should be careful in choosing text. Choose your heading text with great care and include bulleted lists as well as bold elements to permit a viewer to scan and understand your brochure within ten seconds. A short list is here about text notes that should be under your deep considerations:
    • Try to use image captions
    • Use of power words is good enough as new, easy, results, proven
    • Always avoid using all caps because user will face much difficulty to read and it will reduce response rates
    • You should avoid text over images unless your gradient your lighten the image 80-90%
    • A brief company and contact information should be in your brochure
  • Images are such part of brochures that can not be ignored any way. You selection of images should be impressive. Keep your images few, but powerful. Readers will see your brochure first and then read it, not everyone will read your brochure but they will see it. Images are so powerful that there is no faster way to reduce the read rate than poor images.


Sometimes contact forms create confusion and frustration for many people which can lead toward loss of online business. It can be possible that someone is partially interested in your product or service or has some hesitation in shopping and he/she faces any inconvenience in contacting. In this case, you may lose that customer and send him/her directly to your competitor. Here are some simple but valuable practices for website contact form developments and implementations. If you utilize them, you can get maximum happy clients.

Multiple Request Options

You should provide multiple request type options to users because it can be helpful for users and help them in categorizing the type of request according to their priorities. This is also helpful for data mining at later date. It can be very helpful for those people who may be confused between choices or have no option of their choice.

Captcha Challenge

Captcha is a best way to cut down spam humility but sometimes Captcha images are very challenging, hard to read and particularly have damaged vision. If you are using Captcha images in contact form, try to ensure it that the image set by you is easily readable at some distance from monitor. You should also include audio support options whereby a series of numbers is read out to the user.

Use Thank You Pages

This is quite a common practice that a person submits his/her details and after submission he/she views an error page, blank page or directed back to contact page. This situation creates uncertainty in the mind of person that either the message has been submitted or not. Therefore you should design a proper ‘Thank You’ page and keep testing it time to time to ensure that it is displayed properly or not. ‘Thank You’ page is a kind of indication that can give a confidence to customers that they will likely to be heard back.

Minimize Necessary Fields

If you want to provide convenience to you clients, you should offer minimum necessary fields in contact form. If a person is making a pre-sale inquiry then only his/her e-mail address is sufficient for reply. Some contact forms have so many compulsory fields to fill and this can cause irritation for your client. Therefore demand only such kind of information that is really needed and leave other spaces optional.

Provide Tips

You should clearly mention all compulsory fields and provide validation rules on the form how to complete these fields.

For example: CNIC number (xxxxx-xxxxxxx-x)


If you are selling your product and services online, you should make security arrangements up-to-date. Make it sure that they are working properly and keep checking them time to time.

Avoid Unnecessary Popup

You should avoid unnecessary popup on web page because it can cause annoyance to the users.

Fast food is very popular among people. People like to eat this type of food due to the reason that it is not only delicious but also is quick to prepare. Fast Food is a term that is used to describe that food that can be prepared and served very quickly. Any meal that takes low preparation time can be said a fast food. Fast food is a major part of restaurants. Different restaurants and hotels offer their quick food delivery services. If you are also a part of any food delivery services provider company, you can use this Fast Food Flyer for your convenience. You can use this Fast Food Flyer to show your company name, its services, service availability time, special offers or anything important that you want to bring in knowledge of people. This Fast Food Flyer is especially designed by keeping your requirements under deep considerations.

This Fast Food Flyer is not only a ready-to-use template but also is free-to-download template. For your better convenience, this Fast Food Flyer is prepared in MS Word 2007 so that you will find no obstruction during your work. You can use this template as it is or after having some required change. This template will give you a quick start to design your own one. It is totally up to you that how you want to use it. All features that this template contains are easy to edit and easy to manage.

To download this Fast Food Flyer, consider the link mentioned below. Download this and give a starting point to your work. We hope this template will serve you in proper way.

Download Template

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