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Best Practice for Website Contact Forms

Posted on: December 9, 2010

Sometimes contact forms create confusion and frustration for many people which can lead toward loss of online business. It can be possible that someone is partially interested in your product or service or has some hesitation in shopping and he/she faces any inconvenience in contacting. In this case, you may lose that customer and send him/her directly to your competitor. Here are some simple but valuable practices for website contact form developments and implementations. If you utilize them, you can get maximum happy clients.

Multiple Request Options

You should provide multiple request type options to users because it can be helpful for users and help them in categorizing the type of request according to their priorities. This is also helpful for data mining at later date. It can be very helpful for those people who may be confused between choices or have no option of their choice.

Captcha Challenge

Captcha is a best way to cut down spam humility but sometimes Captcha images are very challenging, hard to read and particularly have damaged vision. If you are using Captcha images in contact form, try to ensure it that the image set by you is easily readable at some distance from monitor. You should also include audio support options whereby a series of numbers is read out to the user.

Use Thank You Pages

This is quite a common practice that a person submits his/her details and after submission he/she views an error page, blank page or directed back to contact page. This situation creates uncertainty in the mind of person that either the message has been submitted or not. Therefore you should design a proper ‘Thank You’ page and keep testing it time to time to ensure that it is displayed properly or not. ‘Thank You’ page is a kind of indication that can give a confidence to customers that they will likely to be heard back.

Minimize Necessary Fields

If you want to provide convenience to you clients, you should offer minimum necessary fields in contact form. If a person is making a pre-sale inquiry then only his/her e-mail address is sufficient for reply. Some contact forms have so many compulsory fields to fill and this can cause irritation for your client. Therefore demand only such kind of information that is really needed and leave other spaces optional.

Provide Tips

You should clearly mention all compulsory fields and provide validation rules on the form how to complete these fields.

For example: CNIC number (xxxxx-xxxxxxx-x)


If you are selling your product and services online, you should make security arrangements up-to-date. Make it sure that they are working properly and keep checking them time to time.

Avoid Unnecessary Popup

You should avoid unnecessary popup on web page because it can cause annoyance to the users.


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