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Need to Understand Basics of Web Design

Posted on: January 10, 2011

Many times you may have seen distant and distracted websites. Taking a start with fundamentals of web design is a good way to understand lots of new thing about web design. By definition it can be said that all studies are universal and there are lots of disciplines that can be applied in variety of ways.

So working in different disciplines is major causes of confusion because principles are applied in specific terms and conditions. Usually people don’t have much knowledge about web design. Every design has its own discipline therefore web design discipline has unique medium, for instance screen resolution, additive color spaces and image compression. Getting knowledge about these entire medium is essential to understand web designs basics.

But sometimes these unique details do not work for you because you ignore the core design and keep focusing on facts of web designing. Concept makes your project stronger without interference to any technicalities. There is a need to define web design in various disciplines and in better field of design i.e. a peer to print design, industrial design, interior design etc.

If you look backward, you can see lots of designs in field of art like painting, illustration, sculpture etc. So, to be good web designer, you have to study the inheritance design of art. Different art forms include:

  • Lithography
  • Typography
  • Painting/illustration
  • Industrial design

These art forms have developed over many centuries.

There is a need to search out things for universal guidance from artistic history. When you look for fundamental concepts, you certainly go outside your discipline and want to work on larger point of view.


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