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Aesthetics Vs Emotions

Posted on: January 24, 2011

Optimistic appraisal of artwork is referred as an aesthetic approval of that work and negative commentary on artwork are referred as aesthetic depreciation. It means beauty and ugliness of artwork is its aesthetics.

Aesthetics is study of beauty and taste either in form of comedian, tragic or sublime. It provides sense of acuity either positive or negative. It deals with the nature and expression of beauty. It is branch of philosophy that is study of sensory or sensory-emotional values. It is also identified as judgment of sentiment. It is closely associated with the philosophy of art.

In case of aesthetics, you remark on appearance of artwork. Designers need to think and design about aesthetics of a product as generally people will always want to look artwork that will look pleasing. The aesthetics are typically accomplished by shape, color, material, simplicity, texture and symmetry of the pattern used in the design.

Contrary to aesthetics which is beauty or ugliness of artwork, emotions are allied with mood, temperament, personality and disposition. Emotions can be defined in several ways, however some elements are measured necessary to be discussed while defining meaning of emotions:

  • An emotion is genuine mental state that is escorted by physical changes, facial expressions and actions etc. Emotions and results of emotions are very significant for designers. A designer must be careful and should think for expected emotions of people for their work.
  • Another essential fact about emotions is that emotions take place if personal interest is encouraged with work or situation.
  • Tendency of emotion to take action is also very important while discussing about emotions.

Emotions may be anger, happiness, displeasure fear, sadness, joy, irritation, anxiety, strangeness or neutral reaction on feeling something from environment. A designer or an artist with their designing and artistic skills must consider both aesthetics and emotions to make their work able to get positive aesthetics and joyful emotions. A designer caring for aspects discussed above will surely get his work liked by all.


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