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Usability and Interface Design Guidelines

Posted on: January 27, 2011

HCI is ellipsis of human-computer interaction. User interface design is also called HCI. Some people think it (User Interface Design) is a special state of computer. It conveys many products where user interacts with displays. Aircrafts, airports, military, vehicles, audio equipments and computer peripherals are such kind of products in which user interface design is widely applied.

Finest user Interface design is systematic approach required for design process in optimized user interface design. To make sure optimum performance, usability testing is vital. After resulting, some repairs are made that can enhance value of user optimized interface.

Diverse user interface has different worth in market owing to their quality. It can be rejected or accepted just due to its usability, designing and results. If it is easy to comprehend for user and at the end of product study, user gains something that is successful and valuable. But if it is complicated or not user-friendly with product acceptance then it is ineffective, in spite of being a valuable product. A good interface designer can make a product easy as well as beneficial.

Some guidelines are mentioned for interface design style

  • If you are going to expand a user interface design for system/computer then keep in mind that designers often initiate great and unique ideas. Listen to them and read those unique articles to have better ideas.
  • Right direction for the user interface items is significant. It should be very swift to get from one screen to another otherwise user will become fed up and give up your interface. Different people use interface for different purposes, so it should be able to fulfill their requirements.
  • Design your interface in accordance to standard design style. Design it according to the standard design such as left to right and top to bottom. It is easier to explain in detail about all applications step by step.
  • For new user interface, there must be included some rules of using applications. It is not definite to explain all rules in detail, just give a hint or short rules in a line form that acceptant can use it easily.
  • If you want to use color in your designing then use them for general purpose or to make it bright. Do not use them in specific form to highlight something because may be some of your users are color blind and cannot understand meanings of the specific color. So apply color appropriately.
  • Moreover always follow color contrast rule, otherwise your words will become invisible. Apply light color for background, and some suitable normal bright colors for the application or font.
  • When you tried to make interface design, you have obviously made a lot of mistakes and also recover it. That’s why you should add some application in your designing to remove mistakes or changes for convenience of acceptance.
  • For summitry, your interface design should be in accurate alignment. All sides, right and left should be in straight lines. It is a clean and efficient way to design an Interface.
  • For columns of data, general practice is to right-justify integers, decimal align, floating-points, numbers and strings. Justify all data suitably.

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