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Effective Design Principles for Booklets

Posted on: January 31, 2011

Booklet or brochure is an imperative advertisement tool for a company or individual business. It plays a significant role to symbolize business details with entire information to customers. Goal to design brochures is promotion of a company or individual’s business, product or services. These are designed to make urge in the readers/customers to purchase particular company’s products or services. Booklets are required to be professionally designed and printed. You can deliver these in different professional meetings, seminars, workshops or potential clients. You should take time to make your booklet design a professional piece of advertisement to attract more customers. Here you can find principles to design an effective booklet design that you should keep in mind.

Decide Number of Pages and Folds

It depends on your business kind and nature like how many pages you are going to set for brochure. If you are required to add short details, you need less number of pages for booklet design. But if you want to include wide detailed information, it will take more pages. Brochure may be consists of single to more page spreads and folds. More pages and folds ensure more durable but costly than single sheet brochure.

Choose Proper Paper Size and Format

Paper size and format is determined depending on number of products or services you are going to categorize on your booklet. If you choose large paper size, you will get more space to add more product or services description. Then you set the format accordingly. It also depends on the type of information you are going to add in booklet.

Design According to Distribution Way

Distribution way also decides design and visibility of brochure. If you are required to take a print of material, you need to design your booklet in outstanding quality to take good print. As opposed to direct delivery, you can also email your potential clients a copy of brochure. Distributing brochure via email takes less cost and efforts as compared to direct distribution.

Include Graphics and Images

Add images and graphics in booklet design. It persuades the look of brochure. Make appropriate use of graphics and images depending on nature and requirements of business. Avoid using surplus images.

Use Quality Paper, Color and Texture

It is good thought to design your brochure in glossy colors and textured paper. It improves the look and standard of booklet design. Unadorned paper may reflect the impression that you have not spent sufficient time to design this significant tool to advertisement and representation, also it looks unprofessional. Make your booklet colorful and eye-catching by adding attractive colors. Also use thick paper of good quality.

Design the Cover Accordingly

Along with overall design of brochure, cover design is also of great importance. It serves like a business card and attracts its reader to look for added information inside the booklet.

Provide Appealing Content

Give potential client affluent information about your business, products and services by adding quality contents. You should put in all aspects of your product or service. Moreover, you can append guideline or FAQ to assist your customers. But keep an important key in mind that readers should be able to locate easily whatever they are looking for in brochure.


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