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Educational Identity Design Principles

Posted on: February 3, 2011

How to create an educational design

An outstanding identity item of a business is logo. It contains almost all important items, factors and materials. Purpose to explore these logo designs is to provide best market identification of your business to customer or client. Your logo is graphic mark of name, product and organization. Commonly it is used to put everywhere to communicate or interact with a potential or existing customer.

Where we can use educational design (Logo)

  • On tags and stationery.
  • Website and online media.
  • In presentation via power points.
  • Merchandise items like t-shirts, uniforms, caps, bags, gift items etc.
  • It can also be used in print media, like posters, flyers, folders, brochures, direct mailers, newsletters etc.
  • On signals and professional display, interface etc.

There are some special rules for designing of everything whether it is a logo, template, website designing, or stationary designing. Different items are used for diverse purpose, so they are designed according to the specific pattern. If you are going to design an educational identity logo or stationary, follow below mentioned rules.

  1. First rule to design an education identity logo is simplicity and symmetry. Simplicity with its complete element seems more attractive and nice. A simple logo is easy to identify products, purposes and easy to remember by its customers. Symmetry also assists to make it easy-to-understand.
  2. A good logo and stationary design takes just 1/4th of the time to understand by the audience instead of complex form and current design. However a sensible use of interface can make it unique and identifiable.
  3. Color scheme of the design also counts for its appreciation by the clients, parents and children. Colors that are used in logo also make it important. It is good to use most attributed colors to your industry. Remember all elements of your visual identity like letterhead, business cards, website, package, bags, tags etc.
  4. Your logo and stationary design should be flexible in several respects. It should be reproduced by multi-colored or single-colored. It should be scalable enough that it seems good in all ideal sizes whether it is on small sector or on broadband level.
  5. Your logo and stationary design should tell your customers about everything of your business whether your business is related to education or something else. Through your logo you can also convey a specific massage but it should be ensured.

If you follow above rules, you can be an excellent designer as well as you can produce an effective logo and stationary design integrated all necessary aspects and elements.


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