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Flyer Designing Tips

Posted on: February 10, 2011

It is an economical way to advertise business, products, services and events through flyer designing. Several kinds of flyers are designed for business promotion and it depends on the purpose of flyers. Types of flyers include party flyers, event flyers, club flyers and business flyers. Flyers are as good for businesses for they grab attention of customers and clients toward products and services. By reading this article you will be able to design an attention-worthy flyer for any type of  business.

Follow the tips:

  • It is best to visit the spot where there are lots of flyers. Scan flyers and choose  most suitable for your business requirements. You should take closer look of flyers and look what are the things that stand out the business to you.
  • You should use largest paper format and keep in mind that your printer can handle the paper size easily. If you are going to design a flurry flyer, size matters a lot.
  • You should be very careful in selection of paper colors. Use bright and neon colors for flyer. Also remember that colors of paper should not overpower pictures and text of flyers.
  • You should use dark colors for text and pictures display on flyers.
  • Select most striking picture to predict your business messages and slogans.
  • Use simple but thick font for writing on the flyers.
  • Usually it is tried to cram every inch of flyer with text and pictures. But avoid clutter while designing flyers.
  • Flyers are hanged on top distance so make sure that they can be viewed from large distance.
  • Post your flyer earlier before starting your business or event.

These are the general tips for designing a best flyer for the promotion of your business.


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