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Posted on: February 28, 2011

Creating an effective banner design is surety to run banner campaign successfully. Here are very useful tips to design banner for web. These tips will increase CTRs and resulting sales of your website.

Use of animation in banner designing

An animation can greatly increase CTRs of your website. Main purpose of using animation in web designing is to attract the attention of users, not to irritate them. You should be very careful in using animations for banner designing. Apply following guidelines to have better look of your web banners.

  • To attract the attention of users, use subtle banner designing and avoid using ostentatious designing to interfere with the whole design of web page. This thing will interfere in your advertisement of web page.
  • Animations must be used with loop. Otherwise users will irritate by its endless movements. 7-10 times loop is considered best for any type of animations in web design work.
  • You should also offer best downloading time for users in the presence of animations in the web design work.

Use bright colors

Banner designing of blue, yellow and green colors is considered best. Banners designed in bright colors will help you increasing CTRs of the website.

Use of word Free in the banner designing

The word “Free” can frequently increase CTRs of your web page but it depends on what you are offering to users.

Leave short message on banner

Banners of web page must be short in their wording and message. Remember simple banner have more CTRs than unfocused.

Inter link the banner properly

Make a link of banner with a specific page. Users should be convenient in getting relevant information for which they click on the banner.

Refresh the banner

Keep changing or refreshing the banner of your web page. When there will appear a new banner, CTRs of web page will increase soon.

These are the basic tips to design web page banners that all graphic designers should keep in mind to design more profitable web page.



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