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All businessmen and entrepreneurs should understand the power of logo to be used for business title and name. Logo designing has become very important when graphic designers work for business. Graphic designers focus on preparing more conceptual and clever logos for businesses conveying the nature of business. Clever graphic design tricks are used to create unique designs of logos. A logo is perfect that looks very simple but conveys a hidden message from business. Here I have compiled pictures of some logos that convey hidden messages and people can clearly understand the nature or title of business viewing them. You can say them meaningful logo that is ultimate requirements of logo design.

Here is a list of logo names in the same order as logo pictures are given below:

  • Body wisdom
  • ED logo
  • Eight logo
  • Fedex
  • Forkwire
  • Fuga
  • Heartbeats
  • Horror film
  • Hartfird whalers
  • Zip
  • Google

To become a successful design master, you must first master the pen tool. Pen tool is one of most important design tools that are used while working in Photoshop and illustrator. Pen tool allows you all types of design facilities including creating, removing and tweaking curves and points. I also work as designer and most of the time use pen tool to create unique variations in curves. I want to share two important techniques for using pen tool.

The first technique I am going to share with you works best in Photoshop when you have to create a clipping path or cut out an image. Follow the following steps to use this technique of pen tool:

  1. Add a plain and starting point before the curve. Don’t drag out Bezier handles.
  2. Add a point at the end of curve. Leave a straight line between both the points. Avoid dragging out Bezier handles.
  3. Add a point over the straight path line half along. In Photoshop, you can do so automatically but Illustrator does not offer this facility.
  4. Hold CTRL key to switch the pen tool to direct selection. Drag new point in the same position to draw new curve.
  5. To match the curves to original image, hold CTRL key and drag Bezier handle into position.
  6. Return to the starting point curve to complete the path. Small circle would be shown on design interface and you will find the path closed.

Second technique of using pen tool is more suitable for drawing different shapes. But the process is slightly different in Photoshop and Illustrator. Followings are the steps to use this technique:

  1. Click and drag a point to create curve.
  2. Add second point to create curved line by clicking and dragging Bezier handle. Move the handle around before releasing mouse.
  3. Single click in case of using Illustrator and ALT+click in case of using Photoshop the end point of curve to remove the Bezier handle. If your line is going straight, you don’t need to do this.
  4. Return to the start point for completing the path.

By following these techniques you can create unique drawing images in your design interface.

We can help you in increasing internet traffic if your website is not getting results. Following list of online promotion tools is prepared after brain storming efforts. Following are tools, tips and resources to grow your online business. Preparing this list is similar to separating wheat from chaff.

Affiliate programs: Reseller programs can increase traffic on your website and can explode what you are selling online.

Automate your business: Increase in selling products, cutting costs, improving customer services and free are the ways to automate your online business in the best way. Using this strategy you will be able to lead your online business on heights of success.

Domain names: Get best registration of URL of your website. Having domain names is the best way to get place in internet community.

E Books: Using E Books is the best way to promote your products and services that you offer online. You can generate more revenue and increase site traffic.

Email marketing: Learn better use of emails to promote your products and services online.

Forums: Forums are best place to discuss issues of internet community including website promotion, internet marketing, generating online revenue and others. You can better increase site promotion through using signature postings on forums.

Newsletters: Online newsletters are the best way to keep your site up to date. Make use of posting useful tips for internet marketing and site promotion.

Search engine submission: writing articles on related issues of internet marketing and website promotion and submitting these articles on your website can be a best way to increase traffic on your website because most of the people come to web for scanning useful information.

Webhosting: Webhosting is another way to promote your site and get place in internet community.

These are most effective tools to get promoted online with your products and services.


People come to visit websites in search of information they need. Ultimately websites are designed for user’s convenience not for yourself or your boss. So it is very important for website designers to create website in such a way that users can quickly locate their required information. Websites are combined with lots of sections and pages and information is given in a scattered form. Creating website with a clean layout and easy navigation becomes more important if we talk about user’s convenience for tracing information. Let’s have a glance on important tips for best website navigation.

  • Make a logo of website with link and this must be placed on homepage of website.
  • Just below the header of homepage of website, place effective navigation system on top or left side of the page. Never design out of the box if you are not sure what you want to do actually.
  • Maintain consistency for creating navigation system of website. For example, if you place navigation system on left side of the page and on other page it appears on right side, it would look dirt. Users don’t like such differences in the navigation system.
  • Important links like “Contact Us”, “About Us”, “Site Map” must be placed at home page of website.
  • It is good idea to generate text links in the website. Blue, underlined text is hyperlinked with another informative page that users may look for. It is easy for users to trace their required information. Attractive keywords must be used to attract the users for relevant information.
  • Use of navigation buttons is very common and it is very helpful for users to trace out their required contents from website. Navigation button can be used as graphics and linked to relevant page of information. They also enhance visual appeal of website.
  • Using image map is another way to enhance the usability of website for users regarding navigation. Users can click on different portions of image map to locate their required information.
  • We see drop down menus on website home page that are linked with different pages containing relevant information. Using drop down button also keeps the users easy in searching their required information.
  • Giving search bar on home page of website is another way that can be very convenient for net surfers to read required content from website.

These are general tips for easy navigation and you must follow these tips for perfect navigation of your website.


I have been working as a graphic designer for many years and I learnt lots of things in this field both bad and good things. I don’t like to be the part of bad bearer and here I will share some evil myths in the field of graphic designing. After reading this post, you will understand how people underestimate the job of graphic designing and will also come to know about many of wrong perceptions of people about this field. When I came to know about these perceptions of people about graphic designing, I was shocked. I think it is high time you must come out of fool’s paradise and considering the true value, work and efficiencies of graphic designers.

  1. It is one of perceptions about graphic designers that all graphic designers are rich and famous. It is also said that graphic designers belong to elite class but this is not true to all graphic designers. This wrong perception is derived from fashionable and stylish life style of graphic designers but it does not true for all graphic designers.
  2. Lol there is another perception. I met with many people who consider graphic designing a child’s play. A general graphic designing misconception is that graphic designing is all about Adobe Photoshop. I say if kids play with toy cars should racing with circuit alongside Michael Schumacher. I mean to say graphic designing is very hectic job and requires extensive experience.
  3. I want to tell people that creativity in innate and it cannot be attained. Creativity is a concept based on knowledge, experience and dedication. Nobody born with having bundle of creative skills. We learn from our environment and it moulds us what we actually are.
  4. Another deadly fallacy about graphic designing is that 100% design work is done on computers. Ok! If it is true, let me know what should do after starting my PC if I have to design a brand identity. Totally wrong this concept is!  Every project of graphic designing starts with manual sketch and brainstorming session done on paper. Project goes to computer when initial concept is ready.
  5. You can consider importance of graphic design work if you have to listen “I am sorry you don’t know the design work because you don’t have degree of graphic designing.” It means all design firms focus on hiring individuals as graphic designers who have graphic designing degree and qualifications.
  6. It is also a misconception about graphic designers that they know everything about designing and clients don’t need to brief them for design project. It is wrong. Every graphic designer requires sketch of blueprint of project on which he/she has to work.
  7. Another wicked myth about graphic designing is that they never accept their mistakes and blunders for design work. It is also considered ego of graphic designers. This concept is also wrong because graphic designers understand that such type of behavior can spoil their repute.
  8. Most of clients consider that there is no difference between brand design and logo design. As a graphic designer I must say that logo designing is minor portion of brand process.
  9. People consider graphic designers as hardware engineers. It is said that graphic designers are computer geeks and know everything about computer system and fixing. Graphic designers are not IT specialists. Designers cannot repair PCs.

10.  This is a client myth that individuals have to face everyday who work as graphic designers. Most of people underestimate the value of design work. They just view the designed item and don’t consider the hard work done behind the scene. I want to remind these confused people that there is lots of creativity and hard work behind a simple design element.

I am very hopeful that after reading this post, many of you will change your minds regarding these dark sides and myths of graphic designers.


Writing for web is quite different from any other type of writing regardless of this thing that you are an excellent novelist, journalist or academic writer. All the rules change when it comes to write contents for websites. You may think why content writing is given much importance. Generally there are two clear reasons for which website writing must be concise, clear and simple. These two reasons include:

  1. People come to surf the web to get information in a simpler way. They don’t like to spend lots of their time for what they are searching for on your website. If you don’t focus on point, they will not spend more time on your website.
  2. Reading from the web is 25% slower than reading from a book. That’s why people scan your website to get their required information. Their slow reading is another thing for which content writing must be simple and easy to read.

Here you are provided with some tips and tricks by which you can make your contents appealing for readers.

  1. 1. Descriptive title

Title that you choose for writing must be good and able to tell the readers what about it is. A descriptive title also attracts the readers to read your writing. Giving good and descriptive title to your writing is very important to attract people that here is the information you really searching for.

  1. 2. Addressing directly

It is one of basic rules of content writing that you directly address the readers. Content writing is same just like you are talking to someone in the same room. When you write for the web, your words are just like your voice for readers. So it is necessary to write in the way that you are talking to readers.

  1. Break it up

If you want to write more user friendly contents, write the contents in small chunks and break up the discussion. In simple words, your writing must be digestible. Adding subheadings to your writing is also a best way to keep readers convenient while they are reading your website contents.

  1. Summarizes

Creating bulleted list of main ideas of your writing is the best way to keep readers convenient for reading your contents. For example I want to summarize the tips that I am sharing with you. Information can be summarized just like:

  • Choose good/descriptive title
  • Talk to your readers just like they are in front of you
  • Use clear language
  • One main idea per paragraph
  • Summarize

I hope you can better understand my point of views regarding website content writing from example that I gave you. These are the basic rules that every content writer must keep in mind while writing for web.


You may want to know what exactly search engine optimization is.  Search engine optimization is basically process of writing, designing and coding to develop most attractive web page. Search engine optimization is also done to get a chance that your webpage appear at the top of search engine queries for your used keyword. Most of the search engine optimization specialists spent most of their time in tracking search engines that can give you more traffic. Most common search engines and directories are:

  • AltaVista
  • Lycos
  • AOL Search
  • MSN Search
  • Open Directory
  • Fast Search
  • Google
  • Overture
  • HotBot
  • Yahoo
  • Look Smart

When you have designed your web page of website, it would be the time to request for search engine optimization form specialists. After selection of layout and design elements of your website, search engine optimization specialist will guide you regarding putting keywords in HTML coding and tags. Search engine optimizations specialist must be capable to get your site indexed on popular search engines like Google or others. Initially your website must be registered on two search engines and at least 1 directory and both are different in the way they index websites. You must take guidance from search engine specialist how your website must look for directories and search engines. However simple frameset is considered the best for best results regarding increased traffic of websites.

Search engine optimization is highly marketing tool and helps your potential customers find your website. However search engine optimization is not substitute for customer services and good sales pitch.


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