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Website Readability Improving Tips

Posted on: March 4, 2011

When you design a website or webpage, readability is the most of the concerned subject to readers and users of the website. A web page or website must be very good in readability. Readability of websites is considered very important by all website designers and developers. Contents of website must be clear, concise and convenient to user’s eyes. If you want to keep users come to your blog and read your information, you must follow the following tips to improve readability of your web page.

  • It is very important to underline the words that you have interlinked with other page containing comprehensive information about certain subject that is under discussion. Underlining the links is common practice among all web designers and users also expect underlined links.
  • Text section of website and other design elements should be separated from each other. Starting and ending of post should be separated and obviously clear. Tags, category bar, comments section and post Meta must be distinctly separate from the content of web page. This thing will surely improve the readability of website.
  • If pull-quotes are used in the design of website, make sure that they are extremely obvious and near the post.
  • Website contents must be to the point, brief but comprehensive. This will let users to read your website contents.
  • Be very careful in selecting background color of web page and color of text you posted on it. Both should be very balanced, easy to read and smooth to eyes. Use Snook’s color contrast checker to improve the readability of your website.
  • Make sure that headings and sub-headings stand out from the design and contents of web page.
  • Take good care when you have to wrap text around images and graphics.
  • Usually contents are posted in left alignment of web page.
  • Avoid using ALL CAPITAL in the contents of the main body. Keep them in smaller size.
  • Sidebar of web page must be short.

These are most effective tips to improve readability of your website.



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