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Use of GIFs and JPEGs in Website Designing

Posted on: March 11, 2011

Here is very useful information about using GIFs and JPEGs in web page designing but before discussing the use of these types of images, we will briefly elaborate them for your convenience to learn better use while designing web pages.


GIF stands for Graphic Incharge Format. GIF images can be easily supported by all web browsers including transparent backgrounds and interlacing. GIF images can also be used as image map. Users can click on these images as regular links of other websites. There are also some disadvantages of GIF images and they are:

  • Only support 8 bit color or a pellet than 256 colors
  • Poorly dithering handling of these images
  • Don’t support details and wide range of values when are saved


JPEG is short form of Joint Photographer Experts Group. These images are very helpful in using as different gradients, blends and other tonal variations.  It also supports greater compress options to adjust in a required pattern on web design. However these images cannot be saved in index color mode. They don’t support to use as transparent backgrounds. But JPEGs support much better tonal variations.

Tips to use GIFs and JPEGs in web designing

  • It is important to consider the type of image before using them.
  • JPEG images don’t handle flat-colors.
  • Photo part of image will become dithered if you save the image as GIF.
  • GIF images can be used to have two colors red and white for web designing.
  • JPEG images can contain smaller file size when they are to use for web page designing.



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