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10 Evil Myths of Graphic Designing

Posted on: March 18, 2011

I have been working as a graphic designer for many years and I learnt lots of things in this field both bad and good things. I don’t like to be the part of bad bearer and here I will share some evil myths in the field of graphic designing. After reading this post, you will understand how people underestimate the job of graphic designing and will also come to know about many of wrong perceptions of people about this field. When I came to know about these perceptions of people about graphic designing, I was shocked. I think it is high time you must come out of fool’s paradise and considering the true value, work and efficiencies of graphic designers.

  1. It is one of perceptions about graphic designers that all graphic designers are rich and famous. It is also said that graphic designers belong to elite class but this is not true to all graphic designers. This wrong perception is derived from fashionable and stylish life style of graphic designers but it does not true for all graphic designers.
  2. Lol there is another perception. I met with many people who consider graphic designing a child’s play. A general graphic designing misconception is that graphic designing is all about Adobe Photoshop. I say if kids play with toy cars should racing with circuit alongside Michael Schumacher. I mean to say graphic designing is very hectic job and requires extensive experience.
  3. I want to tell people that creativity in innate and it cannot be attained. Creativity is a concept based on knowledge, experience and dedication. Nobody born with having bundle of creative skills. We learn from our environment and it moulds us what we actually are.
  4. Another deadly fallacy about graphic designing is that 100% design work is done on computers. Ok! If it is true, let me know what should do after starting my PC if I have to design a brand identity. Totally wrong this concept is!  Every project of graphic designing starts with manual sketch and brainstorming session done on paper. Project goes to computer when initial concept is ready.
  5. You can consider importance of graphic design work if you have to listen “I am sorry you don’t know the design work because you don’t have degree of graphic designing.” It means all design firms focus on hiring individuals as graphic designers who have graphic designing degree and qualifications.
  6. It is also a misconception about graphic designers that they know everything about designing and clients don’t need to brief them for design project. It is wrong. Every graphic designer requires sketch of blueprint of project on which he/she has to work.
  7. Another wicked myth about graphic designing is that they never accept their mistakes and blunders for design work. It is also considered ego of graphic designers. This concept is also wrong because graphic designers understand that such type of behavior can spoil their repute.
  8. Most of clients consider that there is no difference between brand design and logo design. As a graphic designer I must say that logo designing is minor portion of brand process.
  9. People consider graphic designers as hardware engineers. It is said that graphic designers are computer geeks and know everything about computer system and fixing. Graphic designers are not IT specialists. Designers cannot repair PCs.

10.  This is a client myth that individuals have to face everyday who work as graphic designers. Most of people underestimate the value of design work. They just view the designed item and don’t consider the hard work done behind the scene. I want to remind these confused people that there is lots of creativity and hard work behind a simple design element.

I am very hopeful that after reading this post, many of you will change your minds regarding these dark sides and myths of graphic designers.



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