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Posted on: March 21, 2011

People come to visit websites in search of information they need. Ultimately websites are designed for user’s convenience not for yourself or your boss. So it is very important for website designers to create website in such a way that users can quickly locate their required information. Websites are combined with lots of sections and pages and information is given in a scattered form. Creating website with a clean layout and easy navigation becomes more important if we talk about user’s convenience for tracing information. Let’s have a glance on important tips for best website navigation.

  • Make a logo of website with link and this must be placed on homepage of website.
  • Just below the header of homepage of website, place effective navigation system on top or left side of the page. Never design out of the box if you are not sure what you want to do actually.
  • Maintain consistency for creating navigation system of website. For example, if you place navigation system on left side of the page and on other page it appears on right side, it would look dirt. Users don’t like such differences in the navigation system.
  • Important links like “Contact Us”, “About Us”, “Site Map” must be placed at home page of website.
  • It is good idea to generate text links in the website. Blue, underlined text is hyperlinked with another informative page that users may look for. It is easy for users to trace their required information. Attractive keywords must be used to attract the users for relevant information.
  • Use of navigation buttons is very common and it is very helpful for users to trace out their required contents from website. Navigation button can be used as graphics and linked to relevant page of information. They also enhance visual appeal of website.
  • Using image map is another way to enhance the usability of website for users regarding navigation. Users can click on different portions of image map to locate their required information.
  • We see drop down menus on website home page that are linked with different pages containing relevant information. Using drop down button also keeps the users easy in searching their required information.
  • Giving search bar on home page of website is another way that can be very convenient for net surfers to read required content from website.

These are general tips for easy navigation and you must follow these tips for perfect navigation of your website.



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