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Do you want to change the color of your Photoshop image? Don’t worry as it takes few minutes to change a single color to another different color using “Replace Color” command in Adobe Photoshop. Here I will give you some simple steps to make it possible:

  • Start Adobe Photoshop. Now open the image that has a color which you want to change with another color you like. Now choose the Image menu, point to Adjustments and click on option named Replace Color. After that you will see Replace Color dialog box opened in front of you.
  • Next step is to click on the color within the image which you want to substitute with another color. At this point, you will see your cursor being replaced by eyedropper tool to pick up the chosen color.
  • In the Replace Color dialog box, use the Fuzziness slider to raise or reduce fuzziness of the image. If you will increase fuzziness, more color will be picked up and if you will reduce the fuzziness, image will pick up less color.
  • At the foot of Replace Color dialog box, click the color well towards it to go to the Select target color dialog box.
  • In the Select target color dialog box, choose that color which you desire to use to change existing color.
  • Click the OK button to shut Select target color dialog box and again click OK in order to close Replace Color dialog box.
  • Now you will be able to see the outcome of your color replacement process. If you want to readjust the color replacement settings, you can return to Replace Color dialog box any time.

These were some steps regarding the process of replacing color of an image in Photoshop. Hopefully you will understand these steps.

These days 3D technology is at its peak. Do you also want to use this technology and create a 3D website? If your answer is yes then you must first learn to do this and for this purpose I have come up with some simple steps that will help you to create a 3D website:

  • Firstly you have to open Photoshop and click File followed by New. Now you will create a new canvas which should be 600 pixels in height, 960 pixels in width and 180 pixels per inch. After doing that, click OK.
  • Now click the rectangle tool in the tool box. In order to create a rectangle, left click on the canvas and drag mouse. This will serve as header background image for website. If you want to change color of rectangle, you will have to double-click the layer thumbnail in the layers panel which is in bottom right and now select a new color.
  • Next step is to create a 3D effect for the rectangle layer and then right click on the rectangle layer in layers panel. Choose Blending Options and check Drop Shadow. Now click OK. You will see your box appear to hovering about the background. Using the Blending Options, you can adjust the drop shadow or additional 3D effects.
  • Develop a 3D title on the top of box which will serve as title of your 3D website. In the toolbox, click the text tool. After this, left click the mouse on the top of header box and drag the mouse in order to create a text box. Now you will type a title for your 3D website.
  • In the layers panel, right click the 3D title. Now choose Blending Options and then select Drop Shadow. Click Ok. You title should appear to be hovered above the header box.
  • For any additional areas you want to generate like navigation, footer or body content boxes, you can repeat step two and three.
  • In the top main menu, click Layer and pick Flatten Image. By doing this, your 3D website design will turn into flat graphic.
  • While using crop tool, choose header graphic by holding down the left mouse button and then dragging the box until it covers entire graphic.  To crop the image, press Enter on keyboard. Now click File and Save for Web. Now select JPG and click OK. This will help you to create a separate JPG file for the header. If you want to create more 3D graphics, you can repeat this step.
  • Now you have created 3D graphics which you can use in your 3D websites. These graphics can be used to develop a 3D website.

Hopefully these steps would help you a lot so follow these steps to create your own 3D website.

When graphic design elements are added to a flyer it becomes more appealing, informative and effective. If you also want to add graphic elements to your business flyer then read this article as I am going to provide you with some important tips and ideas:

A photographic background adds more beauty and elegance to your flyer so it is strongly recommended to add a photograph in your flyer as a background. For this, you can take a photograph with digital camera and upload it on your computer. Another option is to scan a photograph with the help of scanner and save that file on computer. After this, your next step is to manipulate this image in a photo imaging software. For example, select a part of picture to crop and after enlarging it, make it transparent enough to be a colored or black-and-white background for one section in your flyer. You can also use a flyer template and upload your photo into it.

Another element that you can add in your flyer is your company logo that has been professionally designed. When you get your logo designed by a professional graphic designer, ask him to make it in as many computer formats as you require. You will require getting a colored and a black-and-white version of your logo making sure that they have different sizes according to your needs. You can also use this logo for your business cards, signs and stationery of the company.

To make the flyer even more interesting, digital artwork can also be used. I will recommend you to hire a freelancer to make a cartoon or any other drawings for your flyer. You can create your artwork yourself and   then you can use a copier to reduce or enlarge it. After this you can scan it onto your computer. If you are working with an artist then you will be required to get a high-resolution version of the art you desire to use. For final drawing, assign a freelancer to scan final drawing and maneuver it with the help of graphic designing software. Make sure that you have asked freelancer to create digital artwork on the basis of subject of your flyer. Again remember to ask for all formats required.

These were some important tips and ideas to add graphic design elements to your flyer so follow these and make an interesting flyer for marketing your business in a better way.

Do you wish for printing a web page you are viewing? Do you want to have a printed copy of the topic to make your important notes? If yes then you will require following some simple tips and steps to make it possible:

  • First open the particular web page which you want to print. Sometimes it may happen that page is already opened while you are browsing or doing any research. In order to explain you steps to print a web page, I am taking Mozilla Firefox as internet browser example but don’t worry as the process would remain same in case you are using a different internet browser.
  • Go to File > Print Preview on your browser’s menu bar and Print Preview Mode will be displayed in front of you. Here you will be able to see pages before printing. If you want to change some settings like paper orientation and zooming feature, you will use controls which you will see on top of the page. If you are going to print more than one page then scroll pages in order to observe how many pages are there which you want to get printed.
  • After making all the settings, click the Print button that will be located at top left corner of your computer screen. You will see printer dialog box opened in front of you. Now you can set your printing preferences after clicking the Properties button. If you have an intension of printing some specific pages only, you will set number of pages in Print Range option.
  • Ahead of clicking the OK button, load bond paper into your printer. After this you will see a status message being shown on your screen that will show that printing is on progress.
  • Yes. You have now succeeded to have a printed copy of your web page. Now close the Print Preview mode and move ahead with rest of your work.

I hope that you will find the above mentioned steps quite easy and helpful to print your favorite web page.

Most of the people when think about making a website, don’t give much importance to its appearance as compared to content. But it is a reality that graphics play an important role in enhancing the appearance of a website. To further enhance attractiveness of your website, you can create animated GIFs for your site. If you can’t hire a professional for this purpose then there is no need to worry because here I will give you some tips to animate graphics for a web page:

  • Make up your mind that what kind of animated graphics would you like to see on your web page as they may be simple shapes or series of pictures.
  • After deciding that, go to GIMP site and download latest release of GIMP and then install it in your computer.
  • Now start GIMP program. Click “File” and select “New”. In the dialog box, make breadth and height in pixels which you want for your animated GIF. Make the resolution 72 pixels per inch and background should be transparent. Now click “OK”.
  • Choose one of the “Selection” tools after going to “Layers” panel. Then use this tool to draw the selection on canvas. Now go to toolbar and select “Paintbucket” tool. This tool will be used to fill the selection with your favorite color.
  • Under the “Layers” panel, click on “Duplicate” icon nine times to have a total of ten layers.
  • Again go to the toolbar and select “Move” tool. Now use this tool to place each circle in different location on its specific layer.
  • Select “File” and click “Save”. A dialog box will open in which you will name your file and then select “GIF as the file type. After that click “Save”.
  • In next dialog, select “Make Animation” and click “OK”.  Again a dialog will open. Here you will select duration you want for the frames of animation. For the “Disposal” method choose “Replace” and then click “Export”. Now your animated graphic is ready to use.

These were some steps regarding animation of graphics. Follow these and have animated graphics on your web page.

Web page provides you a way to convey your thoughts as you can not only sell your products and services but also share your point of view, give information and invite discussions. If you are also thinking of making a web page then read this post. Here in this article, I have described some tips to make a web page:

  • Your first task is to think about reason for which you want to make a web page as it will help you a lot to concentrate on achieving your goals. If you will not have a clear idea about purpose of creating web page, you will be unable to make an impressive web page. In order to develop a plan for your web page, try to answer questions like what you want your visitors to experience when they visit your web page or do you want to give some information to visitors.
  • Next step is to choose your domain name which should be short and memorable.  Domain name should suit your topic and it should also be easy to remember.
  • You can get your web page designed from a professional if you don’t have any knowledge about HTML. Another option is to take help from web page templates provided by different sites. These templates are very easy to use as they are creative and give a professional look to your web page. Moreover these templates are absolutely free and require a little bit of editing.
  • While designing your web page, open it in major browsers to ensure that text is easy to read and graphics look same as you designed them. Doing this is necessary because web pages look different on different browsers. If you will not do that, you may loose your visitors.
  • Use standard from while writing text and don’t use dark backgrounds or hard to read colors. Your site should be easy to navigate     and link structure should be easy to follow. Visitors will not stick around to your site if they find it difficult to know how to use your website. To keep it short, your web page should be user friendly.
  • It is also important to keep web page updated by providing fresh content. To attract larger number of visitors, provide blog posts and articles having new and fresh perspective. Also add links to news, blogs and information related to your topic.

If you will follow these tips, you will be able to make an appealing web page that will attract a number of visitors.

Do you really like a web page but don’t know how to save it as a file? You may be definitely familiar with saving a web page in Internet Explorer Favorites but you may find it difficult to save your favorite web page as a file. Here I will provide you with some tips which will help you to save a web page as a file on your computer and you will be able to view information on it with or without having an internet connection:

  • First step is to click “Internet Explorer” icon on your desktop to open it. Another method is to click “Start” button, go to “Programs” or “All Programs” and then choose “Internet Explorer” from the list of programs installed.
  • Now click “Page” button or “File” from toolbar and click “Save As”.  When you will do this, a dialogue box will open named “Save Web Page”. Now you will have to navigate the location where you want this web page to be saved.
  • Next step would be to enter name for the web page in “File Name” box.
  • When “Save As” box will appear on your monitor screen, you will choose from the options like “Web Archive, Single File”, “Web Page, Complete,” “Web Page, HTML Only” or “Text File”.  This choice will all depend on your preferences.
  • If you want to save a snapshot of the selected web page, then you will select “Web Archive, Single File”.
  • If you want to save web page as it appears including all its graphics and frames, then select “Web Page, Complete”.
  • The third option is that, you may only want HTML information without sounds, graphics and other features. In that case, you will go for “Web Page, HTML Only”.
  • Finally, if you only need text from the web page; you will click “Text File”.
  • After selecting any of the above options, click “Save” and now you have succeeded to save your favorite web page.

These were some simple steps to save a web page as a file. Follow this process and make yourself able to save your favorite web page in the way you like.

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