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Tips for Website Layout

Posted on: April 1, 2011

Users who are aware of website design requirements judge websites by its layout and contents. Layout of website is very important to bring more traffic and appeal visitors to come back again and again for scanning information. Website design is not one time activity and web designers must be very creative. However followings are the points that must be considered while designing website:

  1. Website should be designed in a simple way because it seems user friendly. Avoid creating complicated navigation links. Images and scripts used for creating links should be correctly viewable on webpage. Also avoid using bulky images to put on webpage because it takes long time to load. Use smaller icons to attract users on your website.
  2. Font size should be readable and professional looking font style should be used like Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif. Fancy fonts should be avoided using for website contents. Spacing between words should be appropriate.
  3. Choice for font color depicts the personal taste of web designer. Every web designer wants to put colors that he likes personally. Web designers should get feedback of their co-workers and friends about how your selected colors feel on web page interface. Using web safe colors is also another good option.
  4. Webpage dimensions are also very important and must be keeping on track. Try to avoid using scroll bar while setting the page layout of website. Length and width of webpage must be limited to computer screen. Provide navigational links to move on next or previous page.
  5. Use best background for web page creation so that images and other contents contrast with color scheme of background. Websites should be easy to read and navigate.
  6. Keep checking broken links to update and maintain website for user’s convenience.

These are general tips and tricks that should be followed to create most convenient webpage regarding reading and viewing.



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