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Webpage Heading Using HTML tags

Posted on: April 4, 2011

HTML is coding language that is based on tags. It is also called tagged language and is basic building-block for webpage developers. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML language is written in angle brackets that are called tags. HTML tags are used in pairs as starting and ending tag. They are also called opening and closing tags. Starting tag is written like <h1> and ending tag is written like </h1>. All design features of a web page or website are designed using HTML tags. Webpage heading is most prominent feature of website and it must be prepared in way to be viewed easily. Webpage heading is also connected with other links for navigation. Here we will give some tips to prepare heading of webpage using HTML tags.

HTML offers six heading tags from <h1> to </h6>. Web page heading must contain all important keywords and phrases to get more traffic on the website. You can create webpage heading by following:

  • Use starting and closing heading tags like <h6></h6>. It depends on you how bigger sizes of webpage heading you want to create on webpage.
  • In between starting and closing tags of heading, mention font style, size, color and other variations of font that you want to accomplish.
  • Remember all the instructions would be written between starting and ending tags of heading tags.
  • After checking the results of your coding on web browser, you can bring necessary changes in instructions of font size, font style and others.
  • Font size, style and other text texture can be modified using cascading style sheets.
  • You can add text texture like bold, italic, underlined and many others giving instructions between starting and ending tags of HTML.

Using HTML is a simple way for web page designing and you can create web page heading according to instruction given above.



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