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Tips for Fast Loading of Web Page

Posted on: April 6, 2011

Fast loading time is sign of quality and effective websites. When web designers prepare websites, they must focus on adding such element in web page designing that can increase loading time of web page. It is necessary because visitors that come to scan website are time savvy and don’t wait for hours for downloading. In this regard, page should not take long time to download. Websites that offer fast loading time are considered best. Web designers must follow these tips to provide websites that offer fast loading time with all other perfections of design work on websites.

  1. HTML code for website must be optimized. Basically errors on your website cause slow lading time. Make sure that your website does not have broken tags and links on it. Website should be error free for providing fast loading time to visitors.
  2. Maximize content area on your website. Large content area not only increases loading time but also enhance the readability of website.
  3. Images, flashes and scripts are main causes for slow downloading time. Avoid using too much graphics, flashes and scripts for fast downloading speed. Try to use background fillings and colors instead of using heavy images.
  4. Also optimize all heavy files that you interlinked with different tags and scripts. Use light weight fireworks and flash to increase load time of web page. Websites like Google or yahoo offer fast downloading time and this is main reason they are designed using optimized files.
  5. Try to be simple in designing your web page. Complicated design elements slow load time of web page.
  6. Avoid using unnecessary coding of languages that are used to prepare web pages. Be relevant in coding at the backend of web page. Heavy coding is a reason of slow loading time of website.
  7. Minimize length of webpage. Extra large web pages don’t allow reasonably fast loading time to users.
  8. Websites are prepared using different buttons interlinked with other web pages. They actually reduce loading time of website. Text links should be used instead of graphical buttons.
  9. Server Side Include files are also reason for increasing loading time because they load faster.

10.  If you want to provide fast loading time to users, you should add div tags for table presentation on web pages. Making changes in tabular design is also convenient in case of using div tags and they also increase loading time.



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