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Tips for Graphic Design Portfolio

Posted on: April 13, 2011

Preparing graphic designing portfolio is of greater importance for acquiring new clients. It becomes more important for designers who don’t have time to advertise their design work through online marketing and search engines. They must upload their profile for their own advertisement. Here are some tips for you to make your portfolio client friendly and you will surely get more traffic and money by updating your portfolio. Just remember these tips are for those who want to advertise their design work online.

Online graphic design portfolio tips:

  1. Creating one page portfolio is an approved method of online marketing of design work. One page Portfolio keeps clients more convenient in viewing your design work from top to bottom of page of your website. How you convince clients to have work with you or buy from you totally depends on your contents and placement of design work elements. One page portfolio is always given much importance by clients.
  2. Keep your portfolio up-to-date with adding your new design projects. Most of bloggers find design features from contents of design portfolio and they also check whether you have updated your portfolio or not. You must also submit your new design projects to design galleries that will surely help you increasing traffic and potential clients.
  3. Take multiple print photos of your design work because it can give you an edge of grooming as graphic designer. Design work appears more realistically when it brings into printed form. The best way of this is to take some extra print outs of your design work when you accomplish it for your clients. Make it sure that printed photos are crisp and taken in good lighting effects with appealing backgrounds.
  4. For updating your online portfolio, you must provide clients with live demo of your design work. Design projects become more sophisticated when they are displayed in action. You may have seen HTML themes and wordpress themes in different websites; they provide demo links for client’s convenience.
  5. When you design your portfolio, make sure that contact information is easy to read and find. You are preparing portfolio to get client’s attraction to your design work. If you don’t put contact information in right manner, how you can find quick response from clients. Prefer to put contact information on header or footer section of your portfolio.
  6. Offer multiple sources of contacts to clients because everyone has different level of comforts for contacting you. Some feel convenience in e-mail messaging or some may fid it more reliable to contact you through instant messaging or phone calls. So you must keep clients convenient by providing them different ways to be in touch with you.
  7. Your experience is big part of building client’s trust on you. So you should show customer testimonials or previous clients information in your portfolio. Through it potential clients will understand what type of design projects you have completed with which customers.

Follow the tips given above and create more handsome, effective and updated design portfolio.



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