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Standard Banner Size for Website Design

Posted on: April 15, 2011

Banner designing is crucial part of website designing and you may have seen lots of websites having banner of advertisement and other promotions. Main purpose of adding banner in website design is to advertise the things. But proper size and adjustment of website banner is key point that you must consider while designing website banner. Here we will discuss some standard sizes of website banners and techniques for website banner.

Standard Banner Sizes

Here are some sizes of website banners that are frequently used in website designing:

Full Banner – 468×60 Skyscraper – 120×600
Half Banner – 234×60 Square Button – 125×125
Vertical Banner – 120×240 Micro Button – 88×31
Button 1 – 120×90 Button 2 – 120×60
Square – 250×250 Wide Skyscraper – 160×600

  • It is said by web designers that designing banner has no sense and do nothing for your website unless they are created for target market. You must focus on target audience while designing website banners. You must consider what your visitors are looking for and what should be proper theme of website banner.
  • Location for banner on website is a critical part and you should select most appropriate location for including website banner. Putting website banners on top of webpage is considered best of all. Main thing is testing the working of website banner after locating it. Banner can be located in the bottom of web page or left or right side of web page.
  • Animation is another thing that can make website banner more eye-catching. Animations play key role in grabbing attention of visitors on web page. Moving graphics, blinking texts and flash applications should be applied to entertain visitors on your web page.
  • Banner must be designed with a convincing statement about what you want to offer through banner designing. When visitors will find attractive words on banner, they will surely go for finding the story behind these words and statements. Words like sales, free gift, coupon and hot deals can be very appealing for visitors and they will help you increasing traffic on your website.
  • You must add new and fresh banners in your website. This is important because regular visitors get bored to view old banners on your website. Adding new ones can be a best idea to grab attention of visitors and increase traffic.
  • After adding banner, you must keep regular check and testing to make them informative and effective for visitors. Having extravagant banner on your website can lose even your regular visitors.

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