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Saving Web Page as a File

Posted on: April 16, 2011

Do you really like a web page but don’t know how to save it as a file? You may be definitely familiar with saving a web page in Internet Explorer Favorites but you may find it difficult to save your favorite web page as a file. Here I will provide you with some tips which will help you to save a web page as a file on your computer and you will be able to view information on it with or without having an internet connection:

  • First step is to click “Internet Explorer” icon on your desktop to open it. Another method is to click “Start” button, go to “Programs” or “All Programs” and then choose “Internet Explorer” from the list of programs installed.
  • Now click “Page” button or “File” from toolbar and click “Save As”.  When you will do this, a dialogue box will open named “Save Web Page”. Now you will have to navigate the location where you want this web page to be saved.
  • Next step would be to enter name for the web page in “File Name” box.
  • When “Save As” box will appear on your monitor screen, you will choose from the options like “Web Archive, Single File”, “Web Page, Complete,” “Web Page, HTML Only” or “Text File”.  This choice will all depend on your preferences.
  • If you want to save a snapshot of the selected web page, then you will select “Web Archive, Single File”.
  • If you want to save web page as it appears including all its graphics and frames, then select “Web Page, Complete”.
  • The third option is that, you may only want HTML information without sounds, graphics and other features. In that case, you will go for “Web Page, HTML Only”.
  • Finally, if you only need text from the web page; you will click “Text File”.
  • After selecting any of the above options, click “Save” and now you have succeeded to save your favorite web page.

These were some simple steps to save a web page as a file. Follow this process and make yourself able to save your favorite web page in the way you like.


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