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Tips to Print a Web Page

Posted on: April 23, 2011

Do you wish for printing a web page you are viewing? Do you want to have a printed copy of the topic to make your important notes? If yes then you will require following some simple tips and steps to make it possible:

  • First open the particular web page which you want to print. Sometimes it may happen that page is already opened while you are browsing or doing any research. In order to explain you steps to print a web page, I am taking Mozilla Firefox as internet browser example but don’t worry as the process would remain same in case you are using a different internet browser.
  • Go to File > Print Preview on your browser’s menu bar and Print Preview Mode will be displayed in front of you. Here you will be able to see pages before printing. If you want to change some settings like paper orientation and zooming feature, you will use controls which you will see on top of the page. If you are going to print more than one page then scroll pages in order to observe how many pages are there which you want to get printed.
  • After making all the settings, click the Print button that will be located at top left corner of your computer screen. You will see printer dialog box opened in front of you. Now you can set your printing preferences after clicking the Properties button. If you have an intension of printing some specific pages only, you will set number of pages in Print Range option.
  • Ahead of clicking the OK button, load bond paper into your printer. After this you will see a status message being shown on your screen that will show that printing is on progress.
  • Yes. You have now succeeded to have a printed copy of your web page. Now close the Print Preview mode and move ahead with rest of your work.

I hope that you will find the above mentioned steps quite easy and helpful to print your favorite web page.


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