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Using Photoshop Elements to Recolor Graphics

Posted on: May 14, 2011

Adobe Photoshop Elements enable the user to recolor graphics in different ways and methods. You can use Photoshop either to correct a wrong color in a picture or change colors in your personal photographs. Do you also want to make color changes in your graphics or picture? If your answer is yes but you don’t know to recolor graphics using Photoshop, then don’t worry. Follow the below mentioned points to make it possible:

  • Open Adobe Photoshop and then open the image file in which you want to make color changes. Now open the Layers palette and make a duplicate of your original image. You will do so by right-clicking on the image and then selecting Duplicate Layer. Here you will have to make sure that this layer is active.
  • Next, click on the Lasso tool and choose Magnetic Lasso tool. You will then use this tool to trace around the perimeter of the element which you want to alter. Now close the selection by clicking on the open box at commencement of selection.
  • Above your duplicate layer, create a new empty layer. The method is very simple. You will go to Layers palette and click on Create a New Layer button which you will see at bottom-right of Layers palette. Here once again, you will have to ensure that the new layer is active. Your selection will now be located on empty layer. Take Paint Bucket tool and select new color. After that, click on the selection to replace color of your graphic.
  • After that, recolor photographic elements. In order to see the details of your graphic visibly, extend your image above 200%. Finish step 1 through 2 to choose that part of image which you want to recolor. Create a new blank layer above duplicate layer in Layers palette by clicking on Create a new fill or adjustment layer and then select Solid Color.
  • When prompted, choose that color which you want to replace with the old color making sure that new layer is active. Now your selection will be located on this color fill layer. In the Layer palette, select Hue to change color of your graphic elements.

These were easy-to-understand steps for replacing color of graphics using Photoshop elements. Hopefully you will find these steps very beneficial.


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