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Making a Multipage Brochure

Posted on: May 21, 2011

Multipage brochures are used as a tool that is being popularly used to convey information or selling a product or service. There are different sizes and shapes of brochures. Some companies rely on a single-page brochure while some other companies use multipage brochures. Actually businesses use multipage brochures when they need to promote and market wide-ranging products and services. Do you also want to make a multipage brochure for promoting your products and services? If your answer is yes then firstly, you will need some steps and tips to be followed. Some important steps regarding making of multipage brochures are as under:

  • You will first need to know what would be the basic function of your brochures. It will help you a lot in writing a rough draft of contents of brochure. If purpose of your brochure is to provide some information, then there should be facts, figures and descriptions in your brochures. On the other hand, if your brochure aims to promote sales of a product, then your brochure should be persuasive and appealing.
  • Before making a brochure on your computer, sketch its layout and design because it will save your time and provide you with a preliminary image of your brochure. Moreover it is easier to make changes with a pencil rather than on computer. The purpose of making a sketch is just to give you an idea about where to write content and where to add pictures so the sketch does not require being in detail. Keeping in mind the amount of content, guess how many pages your brochure should have. I will also recommend you to make several layouts and then choose the best among them.
  • Next step is to select the fold. Multipage brochures are mostly in a booklet format but you can go for other formats and folds as well. Fold and size of multipage brochure should be determined before creating it on computer so that you can design it properly and make changes if required. While selecting fold and size of brochure, leave some extra space for bleed which is actually the outer edge of brochure and is trimmed off.
  • Now select a color theme. Choosing an appropriate color is of vital importance as it plays an important role in drawing attention of the reader. Colors should be according to your business theme and should look good when used with each other. For example, if you are going to promote your beauty salon, you can choose colors like pink and purple while a corporate business may use colors like navy blue or shining silver.
  • A brochure will not attract your potential customers without having pictures on it so choose some photos. Images and pictures should be relevant to nature of business and at the same time, they should go well with color scheme of your brochure. While choosing images, make sure that they are of high resolution so that they become visible and clear after printing.
  • Now you will draft your brochure on computer. After making brochure, create and save all brochure pages as one file. After finishing, save your brochures with colors in CMYK and in PDF format. If your program is unable to save it in CMYK then save it in RGB and ask your print shop to convert it into CMYK.

I hope that above mentioned tips will help you a lot in making multipage brochures. Follow these and have a beautiful and attractive brochure for your business.


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