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Editing a Web Page

Posted on: May 24, 2011

Many people often find it difficult to edit a web page but it can’t be avoided because sometimes it becomes necessary to update the information given on a web page. Editing a web page is also needed if you find a mistake in the content of your web page.  Are you also facing a problem in editing the web page that appears on your website? Don’t worry. It is a simple process that needs to follow some steps. These steps are given below:

  • Check your web page and make a list of all the changes which you want to make in your web page. Changes may vary depending on your requirements like you may either want to make changes in font colors or change the information related to past events.
  • Next step is to copy HTML code of web page in which you want to make changes and paste that code in Notepad. Don’t you know method of copying HTML code? I will tell you. Open your web page in browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer. If you are using Firefox then go to the heading, named View, and left-click on that. You will see a drop menu in front of you. Hit the Page Source option and HTML code will be appeared. If you are using Internet Explorer, then you will follow the same process but in this browser you will click on Source option instead of Page Source.
  • You will require making amendments to text for HTML code. If you are finding mistakes then you will first require checking all the document and text ensuring that everything is right.
  • Now you will place the new page in browser window of your PC in order to watch how it looks. If everything looks just fine then send the new web page to your website server.  If you find some more mistakes then you will have to follow the previous step again.
  • You will send the page to server for your website through FTP. Old page will be automatically replaced by new one. It would happen in case you don’t change the title of page. After that, go to web to see your web page.

Follow these simple steps to edit your web page easily. I hope these steps would really work a lot for you.


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