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HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language, is a great tool which is used to format and present content in web pages. It may happen that your well-designed web page fails to look right because of an error in HTML coding. Here I will describe some of the common mistakes in HTML coding which you should avoid:

  • Poorly formed tags are a major mistake in HTML coding. Mostly HTML tags have a start and end tag. For example, if you want to bold the word “website”, you would enter it in the following way:


But if you will not remember to place the second tag, or forget to enter slash in second tag then there will not be any bold text or it may also happen that everything in page after first tag may become bold. You can face the same issues and problems if you forget any of the angle brackets (<,>).

  • If you are calling another HTML page in link, then you are required spelling it using similar case as it has been named on server. Sometimes it may happen that a server does not recognize a file name whose case is not alike.
  • In various HTML tags, quotes are used to denote values which are passed to the tags. While writing tag, if you will forget second set of quotes, link will not work.
  • Tables are useful for inserting text beneath or by other text but with the use of tables, placement of tags become difficult. When more than one tables or bigger tables are used, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on which table row and elements tags belong to each other. If you will not line up the tags, you will find your information spread all over page.
  • Always remember that white space is compressed on a web page. If you will type the words “White Space” in a web page with three blank spaces in between, then all those spaces will not be shown in browser. They will squeeze into a single space. So it is recommended to use a non-breaking space like “White  Space” or use either style sheets or tables to create a space.
  • It is very difficult to create a website that looks and works same in all browsers. So it is recommended to get the copies of those browsers which your clients are using and try your web pages in each browser to confirm that it looks same and works properly.

These were some of the most common errors or problems which people face in HTML coding. Keep these in mind and avoid doing these errors.

A lot of efforts and creativity are required to advertise a web design business as it is one of the most challenging businesses. Are you new to this business? If yes then you will definitely need some tips and tricks to advertise your web design business effectively. Here are some important tips regarding advertisement of a web design business:

  • Firstly, I will suggest you creating an online portfolio as it is the best way to get your clients know what you can do for them. If you are new to this business and you don’t have many clients yet then you should create appealing and novel websites of your own to attract clients towards your creative work. To make clients know about your versatility, create websites for different types of businesses.
  • Create an educational and enlightening blog about web design to drive traffic towards your portfolio. By doing this, you will not only share your knowledge but also it will provide you an easy and free way to get traffic to your website from those people who are interested in creating their own sites.
  • Initially, try to offer your services for non-profit organizations like NGOs. It will give your business more exposure and a newsletter of a non-profit organization may also advertise you providing you another site to add your portfolio.
  • Try to advertise your services locally in newspapers and radio. It will help your clients in remembering your business in their minds so that when they will need a web design company, they will definitely prefer your company.
  • Always advertise your business keeping in mind your target audience. For example, if you have a great design for a restaurant business, then create a website that can appeal needs of restaurant owners. I would also like to add that you should create direct mail marketing campaign using postcards and then send these postcards to all the restaurant owners of your area.
  • Using social media to promote your web design business is also a great idea. Some websites like Facebook and Twitter provide you with a brilliant opportunity to advertise new sites and ideas.
  • Another great but unusual idea to promote a web design business is to hold web design classes. I can guarantee you that holding classes of web design will urge your students to consult you. You can also advertise your name by giving ad of your classes in newspapers. In this way, not only the students but also those people will be attracted who don’t need a class but a web designer. They will definitely hire you considering you an expert in this field.

Aren’t these tips great????? They really are so follow these ideas and tips to promote your web design business.

Hi to all! Today I will explain for you the advantages of using Cascading Stylesheets. By reading this post you will be able to learn why you should use CSS. Just have a look at these reasons or advantages of using CSS:

  • By using CSS, you can gain better control over how your website look likes because CSS enables you to create a separate Stylesheet and link it to all other web documents. It will make it easier for you to change a particular aspect of your page as you will have to modify only one file which will be your Stylesheet.
  • This feature of CSS also provides you with great flexibility because you will be able to change the entire design of your website without having any effect on the content of website. You will just have to modify your Stylesheet. You cannot this avail this flexibility if you are using tables for your website layout.
  • As Stylesheets are light weight so your website will load faster. The reason for fast loading of website is actually the fact that you will not use tables anymore for your website design. This fact will also make your visitors happier than ever before while surfing your website. They will only have to download Stylesheet once. In other words we can say that using CSS, a website will load five to ten times faster.
  • CSS enables you to position an element anywhere you want. For example, if your menu is at the bottom of HTML document, you can bring it up. This will ensure you that search engine spiders will pick up the main content first.
  • Another advantage of CSS is that your HTML code will become much cleaner so search engine spiders will not have to split the junk code from the actual content.
  • You will have great flexibility in presenting your content because you will be able to define different stylesheets for different media. For example, if a person prints your website, you can change the appearance of your website. You can add black and white logo and remove advertisements.  All this can be done easily using CSS.

In short, CSS are produced to make things easier as this give you better control over your website and at the same time, makes your visitors happy and satisfied.

CSS which is also known as Cascading Style Sheets have been in use for a number of years. It is such a tool that is used to design visual information of a website in an efficient and effective manner. This tool is widely used by web designers and developers. But one question that often comes to the minds of designers is that what are the reasons that make CSS better than HTML tables? Here I am going to provide answer to this question by describing some advantages of using CSS:

  • If you are worried about SEO of your website then I will recommend you using CSS instead of HTML tables because it will help you raising traffic to your website. CSS-based layout is far better than HTML or table-based layout because it has a number of reasons like search engine spiders can easily crawl through website if file is smaller. Moreover in presence of CSS-based layout, search engine spiders do not require too mush codes for crawling.
  • Faster page loading is another benefit of using CSS-based layout. When a table-based layout is converted into CSS-based layout, content and images are stored in HTML file while visual information is stored within CSS file. Due to this conversion, amount of code in web page is minimized and web page loads faster. Table-based layout requires more HTML coding as compared to CSS-based layout as CSS-based layout has 170 lines of code while table-based layout has 245 lines so it takes two times longer to load a page. Fast loading of web page is necessary to attract larger number of visitors to your site.
  • Table-based design is slower than that of CSS so to increase effectiveness, it is better to use CSS. When CSS-based layouts are used, it is easier for a web designer to make modifications to a single page.
  • A website can be made more accessible with the help of CSS-based designs. It also makes a site user-friendly and improves navigation. If a site is not accessible then it is quite possible that visitors will leave it soon. CSS not only helps in the placement of interactive elements but also provides easy separation of content along with multi-medium support.
  • Web designers can redesign your website by editing the CSS file. If tables are used then every solo file has to be opened to edit the elements but through CSS web designers may edit elements in a particular CSS file. You will just require opening a CSS file and upload it again after making changes.
  • CSS designs are more flexible while table-based designs are rigid and non-flexible. CSS helps in perfect placement of elements on top of another which results in more uniqueness and striking designs.
  • A website fails if it does not have strong usability. Usability means easy navigation and browsing so CSS is far better than table-based designs and it should be preferred to use.

So if you want to improve presentation of your website and increase its usability then you should use CSS-based designs for your site.

Business card is one of the most important marketing tools that allow customers to contact you for collecting all the necessary information about your business. A business card is necessary to be made as it gets attached with all the important business documents like with presentation folders and with business letters. A business card will only work for you if it looks professional, easy to read and helps customers in remembering what your products and services are. To help you design your business card, here I am going to give some suggestions that should be followed while designing an effective business card:

  • You are suggested to add your business logo in your business card as a logo becomes a recognition of your business. You can ask a professional logo designer to design a professional-looking logo for your business. If you are providing such products and services that can be better represented as pictures rather than text then go for a logo which can symbolize products and services offered by your business.
  • After getting your logo designed, think of an appealing one-line slogan that may help people remember what you offer. Need of a slogan becomes even more important when if your services do not become apparent from your business name. Include your slogan in your business card to make it better.
  • The font size on your business card should be big enough to be readable. Moreover you will require typing those colors which look good and are easily readable against the background used in the card. For example, light gray color typed against a white background does not look good and is not readable as well. Always remember that purpose of designing a business card is not to create a work of art but to communicate what you offer to your customers so recipient of your business card should be able to read your contact information.
  • Customers are always keen to know about your website and email address so always add your email and website address in your business card. If you don’t have an email address or business website then ask a webmaster to set up both of these things for you. Always ask for two email addresses; one for your business card and one personal email address to be given to your friends and business associates.
  • Your business card should be unique and matchless so that it can easily be distinguished from cards of other businesses so make it attractive using bright colors. You can also add your photo on your business card.
  • If a customer feels that your card has been printed on a cheap printer then it will create a really bad impression on a customer’s mind and they will consider your business a small company. Therefore your business card should be printed on a professional looking and heavy business card stock. Some preprinted papers are also available in the market which are heavy enough to create a good business card.

These were some of the most important tips which you must follow to design a business card that really works for the success of your business.

Newsletters get readers’ attention by their attractive designs. Your clients judge the value of your newsletter by its design rather than content. Effective designing of newsletters makes it easy for the readers to understand your message. Moreover a unique design of distinguish your newsletter from those of your competitors’. So a newsletter should be attractive and easy to read so that you can convey your message to your clients. Keeping this fact in mind, newsletters should be designed with great care. If you are also going to design a newsletter, you should avoid making following mistakes:

Design of a newsletter starts with a nameplate or a newsletter title. Some common mistakes people usually make while writing the title of a newsletter include:

  • People mostly try to use word like “and” and “newsletter” with the nameplate but these words are not necessary to be used because readers unconsciously add the word “the” with title of newsletter. Moreover, design and content of publication should show that it is a newsletter and no an advertisement.
  • Ornamental borders and shaded backdrops make it complex to read the title of newsletter instead of making it easier.
  • One major mistake people make while writing the title is that newsletter’s title competes with other graphic images and logos so try to place these images and logos somewhere else in the newsletter so that nameplate may become prominent and easy to read.

White space should be added in a newsletter as it makes the newsletter easy to read. While selecting place where to add white space, people often make certain mistakes. Here I am going to give you a list of some areas where you can add white space:

  • White space should be left in surroundings of headlines so that they can get attention. Readability of headline becomes poor if it is jam-packed by text and graphics.
  • To provide a resting point to the reader, you are suggested to leave white space alongside top, bottom and sides of page. If you will place text near to page borders, it will create a boring effect.
  • Similarly, white space above subheadings is also necessary to make them clear and readable. It also indicate where a topic finishes and from where the new heading starts.
  • White space should also be added above and below columns and text as it separates the text and columns from headers, footers and borders.

Sometimes the graphics such as borders and backgrounds often mess the newsletter. Some of mistakes made in this regard are:

  • When white words are typed against black background, reversed text takes place which make hard for the readers to pay attention to other text.
  • In order to emphasize important text elements, black words are typed against light gray background or light gray text is placed against dark gray background. This technique does not work if there is lack of background accent and consequently readability is decreased.
  • Graphics accents should be added only when you need to provide a barrier between adjoining elements.

To make a text or important element prominent, headlines and subheadings are often underlined. Underlining a word creates difficulty in reading. Especially when descenders like p and g are underlined, readability reduces to a great extent.

Excessive use of colors is also a common mistake made by newsletter designers. When colors are used excessively, they weaken the actual message. Especially, when headlines, subheadings and body text are written in color, it becomes difficult to read them. The colors of nameplate and other text should also be different otherwise readers will find it difficult to differentiate between them. Use black color with a second highlight color creates a background against which photographs and images of other colors become more prominent and emerge with greater impact.

These were some of the most common mistakes made by newsletter designers and should be avoided to create an effective and attractive newsletter.

Different types of font styles are used to enhance understanding of text so that it may become easy to read it. The font types which are commonly used are Roman, Bold and Italics. Roman is an upright type and a simple font style. Bold style is used to thicken the text to make it prominent. But the question arises when to use italics in a text while doing web designing. Here is the answer of this question as I have gathered some when-to-use-italics rules for your convenience.  These rules are quite simple and are applicable to words in the body of text, headlines and captions. These rules are described below:

  • While giving a title of poem in the text, italics are used. It is the most common and traditional use of italics which enables to attract reader’s attention.
  • Foreign words used in a text are also italicized. For example, the word cul de sac is not from English language so if we want to use this word while writing the content of our website, we will write it as cul de sac.
  • Names of ships or aircrafts are always written in italic such as Caribbean Cruiser would be written as Caribbean Cruiser. It is one of the oldest rules and makes it easy for the reader to understand what is being pointed to in the message.
  • If you are using Latin phrases in text then you will italicize it. For example, in Latin, mankind is referred as homo sapiens so we will write this particular phrase in italic.
  • When introducing a new term, you will write it in italics for highlighting.
  • For the subjects of definition, italics are used. For example, even numbers are those which can be divided by two. Doing this will help the reader to find and understand a word in among thousands of roman words.
  • Mathematical symbols are always written using italics. For example, the acceleration of gravity “g” will be written as g. If you are not going to write it in italics then you will have to use commas or single quotes to make it prominent.
  • If you want to emphasis a word or phrase in the text, you can use italic style to write that word or sentence. Writing a word in italic for giving emphasis is recommended strongly as compared to use bold font.
  • If you are narrating a story, you will use italics to show a character’s internal thoughts. For example, He seems to be right, John thought.
  • While using a letter or number as a noun, you will write it in italics. For example, I missed the g in his name. G will be written in italics or otherwise between quotes.

These are some rules which you can consult before using italics in the content of your website.

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