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Creating Newsletter Templates

Posted on: June 4, 2011

Creating and designing a newsletter needs lot of hard work and efforts so that it can appeal a large number of people. These days, designing a newsletter has become easy as a number of software have come up with newsletter templates making it easy to create and design a newsletter. These software include Desktop Publishing Software and Microsoft Word. Using these software you can use a ready-to-use template or deign your own template by following simple steps mentioned below:

  • Before creating and designing a newsletter template, select software which you want to use. You can either use MS Word or a desktop publishing program like Publisher.
  • Now decide how many columns you want to have in your newsletter. Mostly newsletters have two or three columns. I will recommend you to make a two column newsletter because it makes a newsletter look good, neat and clean. Therefore, a two column newsletter having three small graphics per page is an ideal design for a newsletter.
  • Click File menu and select New and then you will open newsletter template.
  • After that, you can modify the template in the way you desire. You can also add or delete graphic placeholders in template. Just select the placeholder you want to delete and then press Delete key on your keyboard. You can add a placeholder by selecting Picture from Insert menu.
  • You will also require changing the Title section of newsletter template. Just select the text box containing the title and then insert your own title.
  • You can also change the number of columns of template to create a newsletter having number of columns you have decided. You can also change the graphics and replace them with your own graphics which you have chosen according to your specific needs and demands. Select graphic boxes to change graphics and use Insert menu to insert pictures you desire to add.
  • Now you will have to format all the text elements in your newsletter template. So select one text element at a time and format font style and type. After doing this, select Save As from File menu and then choose Template option. Give a name to your newsletter template.

The above mentioned steps are quite useful so follow them to create effective and attractive newsletter templates.


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