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Selecting an Attractive Domain Name

Posted on: June 7, 2011

There are a number of factors that are involved in the success of a website. Among these factors, the most important is domain name. Selecting an attractive domain name is one of the most important decisions as a right and attractive domain name makes it easier for your target customers to find your website. Are you also thinking of an appealing domain name for your website? If yes then you must read this post as I have gathered a number of tips that will help you a lot in selecting the right domain name for your website:

  • Collect a number of domain name ideas and make a list of words that are relevant to your business. If your company is going to sell food for cats, then your list should include words like pet, cats, kittens etc. After making a list of domain names, think about some other descriptive words that can be included in your domain name.
  • In order to make a website useful and successful, you should think of a short domain name. Short domain name can be easily memorized and there are less chances of spelling mistakes. Short domain names are far better than longer ones so don’t try to include your company’s full name in domain name.
  • A domain name should be simple, brief and easy to memorize so that it can make its place in the minds of visitors so avoid using combination of strange words.
  • You will need to be very careful while selecting a domain name. Select such a name for your website which cannot be confused with other domain names. To prevent visitors from confusion and difficulty, use trademark laws.
  • Selection of appropriate words is also very important and it should be done with great care. There should not be spelling mistakes so select a short name to lessen the chances of misspellings. A short domain name is recommended because visitors often make spelling mistakes if domain name is too wordy.
  • I will recommend you to stick with .com domain name. Other options like .net and .org are also available but most of the people assume that a business domain name will be .com. If you want to increase brand name recognition, you should choose a .com domain name for your website.
  • While giving a name to your website, make sure that it does not contain hyphens and numbers as they are difficult to type and remember.
  • Your website domain name should be descriptive so that your target group may get attracted towards your website. Don’t use adjectives like Best and Hot in your domain name. Try to think about something professional and unique and don’t go for trendy names.

The bottom line is that domain name should be short and easy to remember so that more and more people can visit your website. Follow the above mentioned tips and give an appealing domain name to your business website.


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