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When to Use Italics in Web Design?

Posted on: June 14, 2011

Different types of font styles are used to enhance understanding of text so that it may become easy to read it. The font types which are commonly used are Roman, Bold and Italics. Roman is an upright type and a simple font style. Bold style is used to thicken the text to make it prominent. But the question arises when to use italics in a text while doing web designing. Here is the answer of this question as I have gathered some when-to-use-italics rules for your convenience.  These rules are quite simple and are applicable to words in the body of text, headlines and captions. These rules are described below:

  • While giving a title of poem in the text, italics are used. It is the most common and traditional use of italics which enables to attract reader’s attention.
  • Foreign words used in a text are also italicized. For example, the word cul de sac is not from English language so if we want to use this word while writing the content of our website, we will write it as cul de sac.
  • Names of ships or aircrafts are always written in italic such as Caribbean Cruiser would be written as Caribbean Cruiser. It is one of the oldest rules and makes it easy for the reader to understand what is being pointed to in the message.
  • If you are using Latin phrases in text then you will italicize it. For example, in Latin, mankind is referred as homo sapiens so we will write this particular phrase in italic.
  • When introducing a new term, you will write it in italics for highlighting.
  • For the subjects of definition, italics are used. For example, even numbers are those which can be divided by two. Doing this will help the reader to find and understand a word in among thousands of roman words.
  • Mathematical symbols are always written using italics. For example, the acceleration of gravity “g” will be written as g. If you are not going to write it in italics then you will have to use commas or single quotes to make it prominent.
  • If you want to emphasis a word or phrase in the text, you can use italic style to write that word or sentence. Writing a word in italic for giving emphasis is recommended strongly as compared to use bold font.
  • If you are narrating a story, you will use italics to show a character’s internal thoughts. For example, He seems to be right, John thought.
  • While using a letter or number as a noun, you will write it in italics. For example, I missed the g in his name. G will be written in italics or otherwise between quotes.

These are some rules which you can consult before using italics in the content of your website.


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