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Most Common Newsletter Design Mistakes

Posted on: June 16, 2011

Newsletters get readers’ attention by their attractive designs. Your clients judge the value of your newsletter by its design rather than content. Effective designing of newsletters makes it easy for the readers to understand your message. Moreover a unique design of distinguish your newsletter from those of your competitors’. So a newsletter should be attractive and easy to read so that you can convey your message to your clients. Keeping this fact in mind, newsletters should be designed with great care. If you are also going to design a newsletter, you should avoid making following mistakes:

Design of a newsletter starts with a nameplate or a newsletter title. Some common mistakes people usually make while writing the title of a newsletter include:

  • People mostly try to use word like “and” and “newsletter” with the nameplate but these words are not necessary to be used because readers unconsciously add the word “the” with title of newsletter. Moreover, design and content of publication should show that it is a newsletter and no an advertisement.
  • Ornamental borders and shaded backdrops make it complex to read the title of newsletter instead of making it easier.
  • One major mistake people make while writing the title is that newsletter’s title competes with other graphic images and logos so try to place these images and logos somewhere else in the newsletter so that nameplate may become prominent and easy to read.

White space should be added in a newsletter as it makes the newsletter easy to read. While selecting place where to add white space, people often make certain mistakes. Here I am going to give you a list of some areas where you can add white space:

  • White space should be left in surroundings of headlines so that they can get attention. Readability of headline becomes poor if it is jam-packed by text and graphics.
  • To provide a resting point to the reader, you are suggested to leave white space alongside top, bottom and sides of page. If you will place text near to page borders, it will create a boring effect.
  • Similarly, white space above subheadings is also necessary to make them clear and readable. It also indicate where a topic finishes and from where the new heading starts.
  • White space should also be added above and below columns and text as it separates the text and columns from headers, footers and borders.

Sometimes the graphics such as borders and backgrounds often mess the newsletter. Some of mistakes made in this regard are:

  • When white words are typed against black background, reversed text takes place which make hard for the readers to pay attention to other text.
  • In order to emphasize important text elements, black words are typed against light gray background or light gray text is placed against dark gray background. This technique does not work if there is lack of background accent and consequently readability is decreased.
  • Graphics accents should be added only when you need to provide a barrier between adjoining elements.

To make a text or important element prominent, headlines and subheadings are often underlined. Underlining a word creates difficulty in reading. Especially when descenders like p and g are underlined, readability reduces to a great extent.

Excessive use of colors is also a common mistake made by newsletter designers. When colors are used excessively, they weaken the actual message. Especially, when headlines, subheadings and body text are written in color, it becomes difficult to read them. The colors of nameplate and other text should also be different otherwise readers will find it difficult to differentiate between them. Use black color with a second highlight color creates a background against which photographs and images of other colors become more prominent and emerge with greater impact.

These were some of the most common mistakes made by newsletter designers and should be avoided to create an effective and attractive newsletter.


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