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Why CSS is better than HTML Tables?

Posted on: June 21, 2011

CSS which is also known as Cascading Style Sheets have been in use for a number of years. It is such a tool that is used to design visual information of a website in an efficient and effective manner. This tool is widely used by web designers and developers. But one question that often comes to the minds of designers is that what are the reasons that make CSS better than HTML tables? Here I am going to provide answer to this question by describing some advantages of using CSS:

  • If you are worried about SEO of your website then I will recommend you using CSS instead of HTML tables because it will help you raising traffic to your website. CSS-based layout is far better than HTML or table-based layout because it has a number of reasons like search engine spiders can easily crawl through website if file is smaller. Moreover in presence of CSS-based layout, search engine spiders do not require too mush codes for crawling.
  • Faster page loading is another benefit of using CSS-based layout. When a table-based layout is converted into CSS-based layout, content and images are stored in HTML file while visual information is stored within CSS file. Due to this conversion, amount of code in web page is minimized and web page loads faster. Table-based layout requires more HTML coding as compared to CSS-based layout as CSS-based layout has 170 lines of code while table-based layout has 245 lines so it takes two times longer to load a page. Fast loading of web page is necessary to attract larger number of visitors to your site.
  • Table-based design is slower than that of CSS so to increase effectiveness, it is better to use CSS. When CSS-based layouts are used, it is easier for a web designer to make modifications to a single page.
  • A website can be made more accessible with the help of CSS-based designs. It also makes a site user-friendly and improves navigation. If a site is not accessible then it is quite possible that visitors will leave it soon. CSS not only helps in the placement of interactive elements but also provides easy separation of content along with multi-medium support.
  • Web designers can redesign your website by editing the CSS file. If tables are used then every solo file has to be opened to edit the elements but through CSS web designers may edit elements in a particular CSS file. You will just require opening a CSS file and upload it again after making changes.
  • CSS designs are more flexible while table-based designs are rigid and non-flexible. CSS helps in perfect placement of elements on top of another which results in more uniqueness and striking designs.
  • A website fails if it does not have strong usability. Usability means easy navigation and browsing so CSS is far better than table-based designs and it should be preferred to use.

So if you want to improve presentation of your website and increase its usability then you should use CSS-based designs for your site.


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