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Reasons and Advantages of Using CSS

Posted on: June 23, 2011

Hi to all! Today I will explain for you the advantages of using Cascading Stylesheets. By reading this post you will be able to learn why you should use CSS. Just have a look at these reasons or advantages of using CSS:

  • By using CSS, you can gain better control over how your website look likes because CSS enables you to create a separate Stylesheet and link it to all other web documents. It will make it easier for you to change a particular aspect of your page as you will have to modify only one file which will be your Stylesheet.
  • This feature of CSS also provides you with great flexibility because you will be able to change the entire design of your website without having any effect on the content of website. You will just have to modify your Stylesheet. You cannot this avail this flexibility if you are using tables for your website layout.
  • As Stylesheets are light weight so your website will load faster. The reason for fast loading of website is actually the fact that you will not use tables anymore for your website design. This fact will also make your visitors happier than ever before while surfing your website. They will only have to download Stylesheet once. In other words we can say that using CSS, a website will load five to ten times faster.
  • CSS enables you to position an element anywhere you want. For example, if your menu is at the bottom of HTML document, you can bring it up. This will ensure you that search engine spiders will pick up the main content first.
  • Another advantage of CSS is that your HTML code will become much cleaner so search engine spiders will not have to split the junk code from the actual content.
  • You will have great flexibility in presenting your content because you will be able to define different stylesheets for different media. For example, if a person prints your website, you can change the appearance of your website. You can add black and white logo and remove advertisements.  All this can be done easily using CSS.

In short, CSS are produced to make things easier as this give you better control over your website and at the same time, makes your visitors happy and satisfied.


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