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Errors in HTML Coding

Posted on: June 30, 2011

HTML, which stands for Hypertext Markup Language, is a great tool which is used to format and present content in web pages. It may happen that your well-designed web page fails to look right because of an error in HTML coding. Here I will describe some of the common mistakes in HTML coding which you should avoid:

  • Poorly formed tags are a major mistake in HTML coding. Mostly HTML tags have a start and end tag. For example, if you want to bold the word “website”, you would enter it in the following way:


But if you will not remember to place the second tag, or forget to enter slash in second tag then there will not be any bold text or it may also happen that everything in page after first tag may become bold. You can face the same issues and problems if you forget any of the angle brackets (<,>).

  • If you are calling another HTML page in link, then you are required spelling it using similar case as it has been named on server. Sometimes it may happen that a server does not recognize a file name whose case is not alike.
  • In various HTML tags, quotes are used to denote values which are passed to the tags. While writing tag, if you will forget second set of quotes, link will not work.
  • Tables are useful for inserting text beneath or by other text but with the use of tables, placement of tags become difficult. When more than one tables or bigger tables are used, it becomes difficult to keep an eye on which table row and elements tags belong to each other. If you will not line up the tags, you will find your information spread all over page.
  • Always remember that white space is compressed on a web page. If you will type the words “White Space” in a web page with three blank spaces in between, then all those spaces will not be shown in browser. They will squeeze into a single space. So it is recommended to use a non-breaking space like “White  Space” or use either style sheets or tables to create a space.
  • It is very difficult to create a website that looks and works same in all browsers. So it is recommended to get the copies of those browsers which your clients are using and try your web pages in each browser to confirm that it looks same and works properly.

These were some of the most common errors or problems which people face in HTML coding. Keep these in mind and avoid doing these errors.


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