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Making a Website in MS Office Publisher

Posted on: July 5, 2011

Microsoft Office Publisher is a consumer-oriented publisher program which is not only used for producing print publications but also for producing websites. Actually this software provides with a number of templates which make it easier for you to select a design and colors. If you are also interested in making a website in MS Office publisher then follow the steps given below:

  • On the menu bar, click File and then New. Now select Websites from the list named Publication Types.
  • You will now select a design for your website. MS Publisher provides you with dozens of designs and layouts which you can customize later but if you don’t like any design, you can also select from blank templates which are available in standard size.
  • From the drop-down menu, select a color scheme and then select a font plan in order to select a set of typefaces which you will apply to various components of your site.
  • After this, choose a position for navigation bar and click Create button.
  • Now comes the phase of adding content to your website. If you have selected a template to make your website then you will see that text and graphics have already been arranged for your convenience. If you want to edit the sample text, double-click on the area where you want to add your own content.
  • In order to view website in your default browser, click File and then Web Page Preview.
  • Last step is to publish your site to your Web host. You will do so by clicking File and then clicking Publish to Web. In this dialog box named Publish to Web, enter URL for your host in text box named File name. To publish the files, click Save.

See!!! How easy it is to make a website in MS Office Publisher. So follow these simple and reliable instructions and create a well-designed website.


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