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Easy Steps to Create Business Card Templates in Word

Posted on: July 7, 2011

By using Microsoft Word, you can create business cards quickly and easily. Do you want to make a business card template in MS Word? If yes then you will need a set of instructions to do so especially if you are doing it for the first time. Don’t worry as I have those necessary instructions that will help you making business card templates in Word:

  • After opening MS Word, click File and then New. You will see Available Templates screen where you will double click Business Cards. After this, you will have to double click Print business cards folder.
  • For getting ideas on different images, styles and colors, scroll through the business card templates. Double click on the template you like the most and a page of cards will be opened in a new Word window.
  • Now click the top-left business card on page. On the card, highlight placeholder name and then type new one. You can highlight and then replace placeholder boxes again for company name, phone number, address, website, email address, fax number and other contact information.
  • After writing the new text, highlight it and click Home tab at top of your computer screen. Now to change appearance of text, use options in Font section. By using this option, you can format text according to that of your organization’s style.
  • Now you will add logo to your template. Click Insert tab and select Picture button below the tab. After browsing to a digital logo, double click file name. After the logo opens, change its size by pressing and holding down Shift key and clicking a corner of image to shrink it. Now drag it to the area where you want to place it on your business card.
  • Now highlight new text and logo on business card and press Ctrl and C keys together to copy. Now you will highlight next placeholder business card on page. By pressing Ctrl and V keys together, you will paste in the new card template. Repeat this process to paste all components of the card on the page.
  • Last step is to click File and select Save As. After typing a name for business card file, save it on your computer.


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