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Tips to Design a Pop Up Banner

Posted on: July 14, 2011

A pop up banner is used to show ads and important news which you want to share with others. Combining graphics, JavaScript code as well as hypertext markup language, a pop up banner opens in a new window on your website. Standard banner ads have a particular size but when as far as pop up banners are concerned, they are not necessary to design with a standard size. All you need to consider is the design of banner and choice of your audience. Let’s take a look at tips to design a pop up banner.

Size of Banner: You will need to select an image editor to design a pop up banner for your website. Although I mentioned that pop up banner don’t follow size limits, still you need to keep it in some reasonable size. The standard dimensions for pop up banners are 468 x 60 pixels.

Finding Images: Images play an important role to make something more attractive and elaborative so consider inserting an image. You may find related images either online or you can create on your own.

Image Size: Image which you will select will not be used in its original size so you will require using crop tool to resize it so that it may fit easily within your set dimensions.

Text: Inserting text is also an important task. Select a proper area for inserting text. I will recommend you coloring that area so that text may become more visible but the color should be selected keeping in mind the overall design and layout.

Colors and Fonts: Contradictory colors and fonts should be avoided to be used because they will not attract your audience. Don’t use more than three colors except in case they are also present in your image. For adding further information, use other main colors of your image.

Keep it Simple: Pop up banner should be kept simple and well balanced because too many objects in banner will create clutter. If you have done a mistake by adding extra elements, immediately remove them or move them so that some space is created for other information.

Saving in Proper Format: Save your banner and optimize it to reduce its size because a pop up banner in its original size will not be ready to be published on web. Optimized version of pop up banner should be saved in PNG, JPG or GIF format as they are mostly suggested.


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