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Attractive Business Card Design Ideas

Posted on: July 16, 2011

Business card designing is a great art and needs skills and extra creativity. Most of designers keep a business card simple and plain to give it a professional look. But a plain card is not as attractive as it expects to be as well as it shows that you lack creativity. Design a card which looks creative and artistic yet simple and professional. Doing this is difficult but it is the real challenge for you. To make this challenge easier for you, I have some tips and ideas for designing attractive business cards.

Choosing Unique Material: Firstly, it comes to choosing material that you will use to design business card. Cardstock is used by everyone, so use a different kind of material. The best idea is to use a clear plastic material and have your words and graphics embossed on it. Although plastic material looks simple but shows your creativity. Instead of plastic, you can also use flexible and thin wood. Yes it sounds strange but makes your business card look unique and matchless. On the wooden cards, you can carve your information to make it even more appealing.

Shape of Business Card: Shape of business card can also be made different. Commonly used shape for business cards is a rectangular shape but as you are going to be creative, you will have to think of something different. For example, you can give it a distinct look by making perforated edges just like tickets. You can also increase its length making it a thin rectangle. Another interesting shape which really looks unusual is square shape. You would have never come across a square shaped business card so be a trendsetter and bring diversity in business card designs.

Increased Size: You can make your business card a mini-portfolio by increasing its size so that you may get more space to add pictures and designs. Pictures and designs will elaborate your business in a better way making your card an effective tool to make people known about your business.

Design it Like a Poster: Your business card does the same work as a movie or music poster does. So just like a movie poster, you can add a large image, related to your products and services, surrounded by information about your business. You can also put a graphic on front side of card giving all detailed information on back side. A graphic will give a clear picture about your business and this card design idea will also show how creatively you have used space to provide both visual description and information.

These four ideas are really unique and attractive enough to design a business card which will not only be distinguished but will also work for you.


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