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Tips to Market Your Graphic Designs

Posted on: July 21, 2011

The work of graphic designers is vast and full of variety because they have to design everything ranging from business cards to logos, wedding invitations and brochures. Graphic designers work in two ways. They either work in collaboration with some company or offer freelance services to individuals and families as well. Graphic designers who work with companies don’t have to bother about marketing their work but individual designers have to market their creations in order to make people aware of their creative work and layouts. Marketing graphic designs is necessary for freelance designers to attract new clients. For such graphic designers, I am going to give some tips to market their graphic designs in better way to promote their creations.

Know Your Target Market

First rule of marketing a product or service is to identify your target market so that you can devise your efforts in right direction. If you are wedding card designer, your target audience will be families. But if you are designing brochures, flyers and business cards, then your target market will be small businesses. So give a right direction to your marketing efforts to attain best possible results.

Create Professional Portfolio

Generate a proficient portfolio by including your superlative designs in it. Show this portfolio to your clients during meetings. If you don’t have any previous designs to show, make model designs keeping in mind your target market. Create sample designs for wedding cards, business cards, logos, brochures and flyers depending on the nature of your work and target clients. You can also create an online portfolio or website to promote your business outside your local area.

Logo and Business Card

You are also suggested to design a logo as an identification of your graphic design business. To promote your services further, create well-designed business cards including a brief introduction to your services, contact information along with the web address of your online portfolio.

Partnership with Local Businesses

Joining local business associations is also a good way to introduce your creations to your community. Try to build a partnership with those local businesses that cannot compete with your brand. Choose those businesses whose clients are included in your target market.

Donate Your Designs

You can also donate your graphic designs for community events for which you can design brochures, pamphlets and logos. For example, if your church is organizing a charity, you can help getting donations by creating attractive brochures and pamphlets.

Direct Mail Campaign

You can create a direct-mail campaign by using postcards created by yourself. Distribute these postcards to introduce your services advising recipients to contact you. Also send these cards to local business community.

These tips are really very great and helpful in marketing your graphic designs. Follow these and start your career as a successful graphic designer.


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