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Tips to Make a Website Homepage

Posted on: July 28, 2011

Having a website is quite common these days. Almost every one of us has either personal or business website. Designing a good website requires hard work and creativity and so does the homepage for website. It rather needs more efforts and time to make a good and effective homepage. Today we will discuss all about making a website homepage. Here are some necessary tips:

  • To design a website homepage, you will first need to learn the basis of HTML. Understanding HTML is quite essential even if you use any software to make website homepage because you may have to tackle problems arising during this process.
  • Ask yourself about the main purpose of homepage. It is very important to have a clear point of view about a homepage for your site. Creating a homepage is not technically difficult. Difficulty arises when you don’t have a clear focus about the design of that homepage. When you will have a definite and clear objective of making a homepage in your mind, this will become much easier to make it.
  • Web pages only work on basis of tags because they describe how special facets of page seem to be. You will require creating an open and closing HTML tags. Inside these tags, you will require opening and closing body tags. You will not require creating these tags if you use software to make a homepage.
  • Now move towards the most important aspects. Colors, images and whole design of homepage! Firstly select colors and designs and then go for relevant images. All three of these aspects are important to be considered as they are the factors which will draw visitors’ attention.
  • Make a place for links. Why is it necessary? Actually web visitors wish to navigate to other parts of your site also or they may try to find related information on other sites as well. Pick a suitable place for links that is visible and easy to use.
  • After making homepage, save it and then upload it. To mark it as a homepage for your site, save it either as index.htm or index.html.

These were some necessary tips which you need to keep in your mind while making a homepage for your website. Hopefully you will like these and follow these as well.


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