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Designing an HTML Web Page

Posted on: July 30, 2011

To make design, layout and entire structure of a web page, HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is widely used. There are different web-editing programs which make it easy for you to design HTML web page. If you are unaware of how to do this then follow the steps given below:

  • You will require having Adobe Dreamweaver software to make an HTML web page. If you already have this, it is well and good. Now open Adobe Dreamweaver and go to Create New section on “Welcome” screen. After this, select HTML. Also see that Design tab is chosen on upper left corner.
  • Next step is entering text for your web page. After you have written the text, select entire text and go to Properties which you see at base of computer screen. Here you will go to arrange your text. Select Dreamweaver’s default formatting under Format drop down menu. If you want to move text on page, you can use Text Indent and Text Outdent.
  • Do you want to insert some special properties to your page? For this, go to Insert panel which is there on upper right corner. If you wish to insert a link to another site or web page, select text and click Hyperlink in Insert panel.
  • Similarly if you want to add an image to your web page, place the cursor to where you want to add picture. Again go to Insert panel and click on Image. After locating the image, click Choose. On the pop-up window, click OK in order to verify that relative path is used for picture file.
  • Now go to File and select Save. Save this web page on your PC. Now go back to File and click Preview in Browser. After clicking your preferred browser, you will be able to see how your HTML page looks like.

Designing an HTML web page is not a big deal if proper way and tips are followed. The steps mentioned above are really useful and you can try designing your HTML web page using this method.


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