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Follow These to Become a Better Web Designer

Posted on: August 13, 2011

Like other forms of designing, web designing is also a challenging task as designs change rapidly with the passage of time. A web designer, therefore, needs to remain updated with latest trends in web designing. Today, websites are designed in an entirely different and interactive way. The purpose of designing a website is now to attract and engage user. So a cotemporary web designer is required to understand all these concepts. Here I am going to explain some tips which will prove helpful in becoming a better web designer:

  • To attract users, a web designer can create an attractive design but it will only help to grab preliminary attention of users. Encouraging users to stay on your page will need something more to do. For this, you can design an interactive yet appealing website. Provide users with some actions to do so that they can become interested in exploring your site further. Only text-based website makes the users feel bored so encourage users to execute their preferred action on your website. Using interactivity needs cleverness because something new has to be unfolded with each click.
  • While designing website, attention is given to better colors and layouts, but there are also some other common but important elements which need consideration. Let’s take the example of site map. A usual site map we see on different sites contains site details in link and text formats. To make this element inimitable and improved, a web designer can make site map in a more imaginative way. For example, images and can be used to make a user interested in viewing site map.
  • If you are having a website which majorly grows with advertisement revenue, your page will have a number of ads being displayed on it. When a page has so many ads, most of them fail to capture attention. Here again website interactivity can be used. You can attract the user by creating a banner which may have a peel off design instead of a simple design. User will now peel off layers to read the note under it.
  • Being a web designer, if you have to design a shopping website, you will need to be very careful because in such websites users are not directed towards the exact items they are looking for. And a user will not have much time either to go through each category to get required information. Try to present all the elements together in such sites so that user can visit all in search for required information. This will keep user engaged and will motivate him to perform an action.

 In all the above points, emphasis has been laid on interactivity. Interactivities really work for your website and make it a canvas rather than a simple HTML page. How to get ideas on using interaction? For this, you can pay attention to some good websites having interactive elements.


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