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What is the Importance of a Sitemap?

Posted on: August 30, 2011

Sitemap is an additional page in a blog which has a list of links to each post in the blog. Need of a sitemap arises if a particular blog or site has 16 or more pages. Creating a sitemap is not difficult but it is unfortunate to state that most of bloggers have a common thinking that making a sitemap is useless and just wastage of time. Therefore I considered it important to describe importance of having a sitemap. Here are a few points that will elaborate the significance of sitemap for a website:

  • Sitemap actually acts as a map for your site and makes navigation of your site easier. If your visitors lost among a number of pages on your site, they can take help from sitemap to find out where they are. Visitors feel relieved to find a sitemap and a link to particular page visitors are looking for.
  • Sitemaps also help visitors to understand your site’s theme. When a visitor loads up sitemap, he is able to get the gist of site within a short period of time. This eliminates the need to read each and every page of your site and saves time of your visitors.
  • By creating a sitemap, you actually generate a single page that has links to every other page on your site. As a result, when search engine robots hit the page, they follow links on sitemap. In this way, each page of your site will get indexed by search engines. Therefore a link to sitemap should be placed at a prominent location on first page of site. It is also beneficial in another way. When your site undergoes any change, sitemap makes search engines aware of this change. As a result, changes are also indexed faster.
  • Having a sitemap is even more significant for new sites. In presence of a sitemap, you will have to rely less on external links which bring search engines to your site. For this, you need to be sure that hyperlinks in your sitemap are working.
  • Sitemaps provide a full view of a website and its structure. If you need to add new articles or contents, you can consider the site hierarchy by having a view of your sitemap. This will help you having an organized site which will have everything classified according to relevance.

In short, having a sitemap increase page rank and manages to get required traffic. A correct sitemap also helps achieving SEO easily. Therefore, to increase users’ usability and having a sitemap is essential.


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