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Resume is the first document tool that reaches the employer’s table before you meet him in person. It is also called curriculum vita or simply CV. No matter what is your level (entry level, skilled, experienced or management level), your resume must represent the basic essential components and information about the candidate.

You can either compose your resume manually or use a ready-to-use resume template. These templates are available on internet and easy to download. Then you can put your information in that template to make it your own. These templates are also helpful in another way. You can get good helping tips and hints for designing your resume. These templates may be using one of three resume formats which are chronological format, functional format and combined format. These formatted are chosen according to the level and professional criteria of a candidate.

There are some keys to make a resume attractive. If you keep these keys in consideration while composing your resume, you will surely get significantly positive results.

  1. Always choose right format for your resume. Chronological format is ideal to highlight job history, use functional format to hide the career change frequency and combined format is suitable to make your skills prominent.
  2. Resumes are quickly read by the employer, so make it as eye-appealing as possible. Use an appropriate layout and proper alignments for every portion of resume everything that an employer may be looking for should be easily located in your resume.
  3. Arrange all your information carefully in a concise and comprehensive manner. If you know the detailed components of tour selected format, it becomes easier to design a profession looking resume.
  4. First draw a rough sketch of your resume and include all necessary information in it. Make sure you are not forgetting any essential point which is required by the employer or something that highlights you. Include only the updated information.
  5. Put all collected information in a proper arrangement. Don’t forget to include the portion of your introduction, career objective, skills, work history and employers, qualification criteria, internships, experience and honors, and the special considerations if any.
  6. Use number and bullets while describing your skills, accomplishments and wherever necessary. It makes the resume easy to read and understand. Make the titles bold, use font size 12, style Arial and keep 1”margin on all four sides of paper.
  7. Beef up your vocabulary and use professional terms in accordance with your job nature. Don’t miss to include keywords in resume; they make a magical effect to impress the employer.
  8. Exclude all un-necessary parts of resume to make the resume appropriate in length. You may have to cut some parts of information about you. It may hurt but it is necessary to maintain the quality of resume content.
  9. Provide true, accurate and updated information based on your professional background and don’t try to cheat the employer. Your resume must speak not only your professional background but also your personality as an employee. Employer always read between the lines of resume to choose a candidate.
  10. Before you go to finalize the resume composition and print, proofread the document at least twice. Correct all grammatical, spelling, logical and alignment errors and then take print on a quality paper.

When you design a website, you need to keep in mind some basic point other than its components. If your site contains these considerations, you can get your site taking great deal and experience in design that holds greater functionality. You must check your designed site under the following parameters to make sure about its quality:

  • Functionality: Your site should not miss any single piece of information or content. It must be providing all desired ways of interaction with the site objective.
  • Appearance: Your website must be appealing and attractive for the visitors. Appearance definitely invites the customers and visitors to approach the website. Use best suited graphic designs for your webpages.
  • Consistency: Make sure that the graphic designs you use are in appropriate consistency and style that is convenient to convey the message of website.
  • Navigation: Make sure the structural design, navigations and commands used in a website design are easy to understand and user-friendly. Its style should also match the graphical theme and style of website.
  • Accuracy: Make sure that all contents and assigned links are checked for accuracy. Check the quality, functionality and performance of your website to make it free from all errors. Test all the elements of website programs and commands for accuracy.
  • Speed: An ideal website is that holds capacity to download applications and webpages with faster speed and less amount of time. It should optimize to load graphics and programs as quickly as possible.
  • Resolutions: You should consider all screen types while designing website. It should appear on all types of screens with its best appearance and appropriate resolution. It should display the best quality graphics and contents within that resolution.
  • Maintenance: Your site should hold easily understandable and appropriately indented coding behind the programming. Your site structure and pattern should be very simple and easy to comment on.
  • Browsers: Your designed website should be looking and displayed correctly in all web browsers with respect to accuracy, resolution, appearance and other aspects.
  • Client Approval: When you have completed building website and tested it for accuracy and other parameters, you need to get your client approval who is the owner of that site. Make sure that your client has verifies all aspects and specification which he had addressed for the website. Take his approval and satisfactory signs before you handover the project to him.

Brochure is also referred to as a pamphlet. These brochures or pamphlets are used to advertise a specific business, products and services regarding the locations and events to convey message to related people and companies. Brochures contain a brief summary of all details and information about a company’s products and services. They are also used to enhance the sales and repute of a company. They are good sale support tool to any business.

An ideal brochure template should hold the following piece of information:

  1. Company name
  2. Contact person
  3. Company address
  4. Company Email and website address
  5. Company logo
  6. Description of company goals and objectives
  7. Products/Services available briefly
  8. Prices/Cost of products/services
  9. Images

Brochure templates can vary in companies and business accordingly. Shape, design, color, type and details are determined according to the business. Brochures can be:

  • Bi-fold
  • Tri-fold
  • Folder with flap or inserts



Folder with flip or insert

Bi-fold brochure templates are single sheet templates that are printed on both sides of paper. Tri-fold templates are same like bi-fold but they folded in 3 sides. Brochure templates in folder with flap design contain some extra details pages to carry inside. This kind of brochure holds more details information as compared to other two. You can download quality Free Brochure Templates by following this link available online for free.

Types and designs of brochures depend upon the type and size of company or services. Depending upon the type of business and brochures, there are several different ways to distribute them. Brochures can be distributed in the following ways:

  • Direct Emails
  • Advertisement sites
  • Trade shows
  • Business meetings
  • Direct submission to relevant people

You can avail all kind of brochure templates online that do not need to design. You just need to download them and edit your text in the designing program available to you. It made great convenience to the users, saved them to spend precious time in designing brochures and they are also cost saver.

Greeting cards are used to express or send personal greetings and wished to someone. Usually these cards indicate feelings of care, friendship and sentiments to the person who receives it. Though these cards are given on some special oceans such as birthday, new year, holidays, Christmas, congratulate someone for success in examination, winning a project, wedding or any other ocean of pleasure, but they are also sent to our loved ones to express a lot of other feeling to them. They may hold the titles of sorry, thank you, miss you, love you or anything that you may want to express for them.

Greeting cards are usually a folded sheet of paper and available in any color, design, shape or size that you may require or imagine. People spend a lot on greeting cards every year for different oceans. It is an easy tool to express our precious feelings to someone special. People deliver these cards either by directly sending them a hard-copy or a by email a soft-copy of greeting cards to their loved one. These are also called electronic cards.

Unlimited rang on greeting card templates are available in market and online that may even confuse the users how to make choice. With the passage of time and increasing needs timely, these cards are available with more titles and subjects that enhance the customer satisfaction.

Users can easily find greeting card templates on internet. These templates are easy to customize and use for multiple purposes. Simply download the template and edit it on a software program according to your needs. You can personalize the words written on it or keep it original. Then you can either send it via email or take a print to deliver it directly. You can also take as many prints as you need.

Here you can see some ready-to-use templates for your convenience.

After making a website, you want to drive traffic to it for which you use different SEO methods. Link building is one of the most effective and common method of doing so. While building links, you actually provide links to your site on other sources. So when people visit these other sources, they may click on links which direct them to your site. External linking is not only an essential aspect of SEO strategy but at the same time it is challenging. This process can become difficult and time consuming if you fail to build links properly and make any of the following mistakes:

  • Inappropriate anchor text is the biggest mistake in link building. An anchor text actually adds information about your specific topic into URL. Your back links will be useless and meaningless in absence of improper anchor text to go with them. To overcome this problem, add keywords relevant to your site in anchor text. Keywords in the links inform search engines what the target page is all about. Keyword rich back links improve your web page’s search rank.
  • Getting links from bad or low-quality websites is also a massive mistake. If you get links from websites which have bad reputation, you also become associated with them. Search engines will therefore start seeing you in the same light as those low-quality websites. You can avoid this mistake by going through site comments. These comments will give you an idea about the authenticity of a particular website.
  • Some people also make a mistake by linking only to homepage. Try to go deeper and link to inner pages and different sections of your website. A better internal linking increase page rank and drives more traffic to your website.
  • Remember that 5 quality links are better than 50 bad and weak links. People make a mistake here by focusing on quantity instead of quality. If all of your links are from low-quality websites, they will not work for you. Focus on getting links from reliable and relevant websites even if they are few in number.
  • Link builders try to get links from those websites having high Page Rank (PR). But this is not right at all. If a site has a low PR, it does not mean at all that it is a bad or low-quality website. So do not ignore websites with a low PR because a website having 0 PR today may have much higher PR in future.

Although link building is a delicate task, it is essential and important as well for ranking of your website. So avoid these link building mistakes and try to make a stable and well ranked site.

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