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Most Common Link Building Mistakes

Posted on: September 6, 2011

After making a website, you want to drive traffic to it for which you use different SEO methods. Link building is one of the most effective and common method of doing so. While building links, you actually provide links to your site on other sources. So when people visit these other sources, they may click on links which direct them to your site. External linking is not only an essential aspect of SEO strategy but at the same time it is challenging. This process can become difficult and time consuming if you fail to build links properly and make any of the following mistakes:

  • Inappropriate anchor text is the biggest mistake in link building. An anchor text actually adds information about your specific topic into URL. Your back links will be useless and meaningless in absence of improper anchor text to go with them. To overcome this problem, add keywords relevant to your site in anchor text. Keywords in the links inform search engines what the target page is all about. Keyword rich back links improve your web page’s search rank.
  • Getting links from bad or low-quality websites is also a massive mistake. If you get links from websites which have bad reputation, you also become associated with them. Search engines will therefore start seeing you in the same light as those low-quality websites. You can avoid this mistake by going through site comments. These comments will give you an idea about the authenticity of a particular website.
  • Some people also make a mistake by linking only to homepage. Try to go deeper and link to inner pages and different sections of your website. A better internal linking increase page rank and drives more traffic to your website.
  • Remember that 5 quality links are better than 50 bad and weak links. People make a mistake here by focusing on quantity instead of quality. If all of your links are from low-quality websites, they will not work for you. Focus on getting links from reliable and relevant websites even if they are few in number.
  • Link builders try to get links from those websites having high Page Rank (PR). But this is not right at all. If a site has a low PR, it does not mean at all that it is a bad or low-quality website. So do not ignore websites with a low PR because a website having 0 PR today may have much higher PR in future.

Although link building is a delicate task, it is essential and important as well for ranking of your website. So avoid these link building mistakes and try to make a stable and well ranked site.


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