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How to Verify Website Quality?

Posted on: September 27, 2011

When you design a website, you need to keep in mind some basic point other than its components. If your site contains these considerations, you can get your site taking great deal and experience in design that holds greater functionality. You must check your designed site under the following parameters to make sure about its quality:

  • Functionality: Your site should not miss any single piece of information or content. It must be providing all desired ways of interaction with the site objective.
  • Appearance: Your website must be appealing and attractive for the visitors. Appearance definitely invites the customers and visitors to approach the website. Use best suited graphic designs for your webpages.
  • Consistency: Make sure that the graphic designs you use are in appropriate consistency and style that is convenient to convey the message of website.
  • Navigation: Make sure the structural design, navigations and commands used in a website design are easy to understand and user-friendly. Its style should also match the graphical theme and style of website.
  • Accuracy: Make sure that all contents and assigned links are checked for accuracy. Check the quality, functionality and performance of your website to make it free from all errors. Test all the elements of website programs and commands for accuracy.
  • Speed: An ideal website is that holds capacity to download applications and webpages with faster speed and less amount of time. It should optimize to load graphics and programs as quickly as possible.
  • Resolutions: You should consider all screen types while designing website. It should appear on all types of screens with its best appearance and appropriate resolution. It should display the best quality graphics and contents within that resolution.
  • Maintenance: Your site should hold easily understandable and appropriately indented coding behind the programming. Your site structure and pattern should be very simple and easy to comment on.
  • Browsers: Your designed website should be looking and displayed correctly in all web browsers with respect to accuracy, resolution, appearance and other aspects.
  • Client Approval: When you have completed building website and tested it for accuracy and other parameters, you need to get your client approval who is the owner of that site. Make sure that your client has verifies all aspects and specification which he had addressed for the website. Take his approval and satisfactory signs before you handover the project to him.

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