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Common Logo Design Mistakes

Posted on: February 10, 2012

A company is mostly recognized and distinguished by a matchless and memorable logo. But creating such a logo is not as simple as it sounds. Most of designers especially amateur make some common but serious logo design mistakes. Here is a list of some logo design mistakes which a designer should avoid:

  • Typography plays an important role in a logo design so it is better to know the basics of using typography. For making an attractive yet simple logo, one should consider all aspects of typography. A major mistake in use of typography, while designing a logo, is the use of calligraphy fonts as they are hard to read and make it difficult for people to understand what is actually written. Two font styles should be used at a time because too many fonts kill logo design. Ultra thin fonts should not be used frequently because they look good for web logos but in printing, they do not look so well.
  • Sometimes, designers use a shortcut by using a clipart to produce a logo design. Clipart graphics are when used within a logo design, look cheap and give a feel as if logo has been designed by a kid for a school project.
  • Most of designers make a mistake and do not create a logo in grayscale. While designing a logo, a designer should make sure that logo does not only look attractive in colors but also in grayscale.
  • Using raster images is another mistake made by designers. A raster image is not capable of being scaled to any size and makes the logo unusable. So vector graphic programs should always be used to create a logo. A vector graphic is actually made up of mathematically précised points. Using a vector graphic ensures that a logo can be scaled to any size.
  • It is unfortunate that designers today rely on copying designs of others. Designers actually see an idea and after changing colors and words, call it their own creation. This is sad but true. For example, Pepsi also copied Coca Cola’s logo in early days. Copying someone’s logo will never make people remember your logo. It is therefore appreciated to design an original and unique logo.
  • A bad choice of colors can prove to be a great logo design mistake. Wrong color combination can put stress on viewer’s eyes and make logo difficult to read as well. Choose a good combination of colors which suit well with other colors in background.
  • A simple logo is always easy to remember but designers usually make their logos complex by adding details like lustrous effects, shadows, gradients and extended tag lines.
  • If a logo relies on special effects to be recognized and remembered, it is not a good logo. For this, designers must first work in black and white and then add special effects.
  • Visual clichés should also be avoided. For example, to show creativity, light bulbs are used. To show something related to electricity, lightning strikes are used. These are quite common ideas which can affect the uniqueness and originality of your logo. Don’t rely on visual clichés and come up with something original and innovative.

This is a short but comprehensive list of some logo design mistakes usually made by designers. Stay away from these mistakes and rely on your own ideas and creativity.


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